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Still looks unlikely but interesting times today @ the Eurogroup meetings...


  • KeriusKerius Posts: 34
    So many time have passed and this thread didn't received any attention at all. Why is so ? Grexit for sure didn't happened. Probably because it's still not profitable for Greece to leave Euro Union. England can be independent, it's a rich country, former empire and so on.
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    I dont think that Grexit is an option at all. Greeks are doing fine and never had an intention to leave EU. Currently is much more popular Brexit. Now, that was a huge news which shocked and still shaking markets.
  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 55
    Yep, sort of EU are sponsoring Greece so they can survive in their so called "crisis" I do not think they really have an option at all for example. Are you with me here ? I hope you really really do. Cause it's matter much. They shouldn't leave in any case.
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