I have lost over 20k trading. Anyone help me?



  • BossBoss Posts: 66
    Losing is part of life. But 20k dollars is a large of sum. I think you have not learnt about trading that much. You should do trading in demo accounts first. Remember, trading is not for everyone. If you still want to trade, then be determined and patient.
  • MarishaMarisha Posts: 2
    Hi, everyone.
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  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,279 admin
    Winters said:

    Yes, where you go: https://scamconsulting.com/

    Thanks! Will check it out.
  • QwerastisQwerastis Posts: 31
    I am sorry for your lost money. I think you need to learn from your losses if you want to take trading a long-term option. Everyone loses here upto some extinct but it is the game of covering up losses. You have to stay back somehow for some time. Hope for the best!
  • OliverOliver Posts: 18
    20k is a huge amount if you lose it than you must try to recover it very sharply. Don't try to recover it very soon because if you do so than there is also the chances that you lose again. Make the small moves and make small investments so that you can recover your money thanks.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    If you are losing money on continuous basis then you should leave trading. Forget about it and try to do some other business as there are huge fields apart from trading. But, if you want to stay then you have to come up with a more sound strategy. Thanks
  • EnnenneraEnnennera Posts: 11
    Hello brother! I want to say here that you need to sit back for some time. Calm your nerves, gain some confidence back, and then come up to the market with the new enthusiasm. I am sure you will get the losses back in the form of good profit. Thank you so much!
  • freddiemoneyfreddiemoney Posts: 5
    This is an old thread, but seriously how can one follow a signal blindly. That is like gambling with your money. First learn the basics and follow a simple rule in finding the best signal services.
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 49
    I am sorry about hearing your loss and it is the most devastating thing that 90% of the people lose on the forex market. If you want to get success on the currency markets then you have to come up with a business mindset. You mindset is your strength as a trader. Do you agree?
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