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  • @gabman32 I am with 24Option for one year and I never had problems with trading or withdrawing.. People who use robots and auto traders always blame brokers for their stupidity. Also they blame brokers when they don't have knowledge of trading.....

    BTW: FPA is well known SCAM project:


    First off I am the one who made the post in forexpeacearmy............ First fact we traded the 100k to over 500k the videos in the review show this and also show the 30 point spreads added when we where placing trades....... Second fact we where not using auto-traders or robots !!! we are a private investment bank that actually trades real money...... Third yes we received the money in the account the post never was about not receiving money it was about the fact that they do not allow you too consistently make money and very large accounts they will try and screw you..... fourth fact : 24option simply closed our account without reason simply using the fact that our business was no longer welcome typical bucket shop/market maker anyone with any trading knowledge knows this is what market makers do when they have profitable traders on their platforms.......

    Maybe people that say they have never had a problem are not making money from the brokers or maybe breaking even or turn a slight profit which brokers do not mind as they can make the money of volume from these accounts. Fact: IF YOU ARE MAKING LARGE AMOUNTS OR AMOUNTS EACH MONTH THAT 24OPTION DEEM A RISK TO THIER BUSINESS THEY WILL EITHER MANIPLATE THE PLATFORM TO ENUSRE YOU LOSE OR WILL SIMPLY CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT LIKE MANY OTHER BROKERS DO WHEN YOU ARE TOO PROFITABLE..

    Also I had to create a new account today as I could not log in to my 6figuretraveler account for some reason incase anyone states that this is a new account...... I am not the only one who has experience this with 24option and other brokers I know plenty of other traders this has happen too.

    And I challenge anyone to prove otherwise....
  • panther said:

    gabman32 said:

    well, it is a scam, because they have no problem taking in this amount of money and much more, but they do have a problem when one makes it. reasons why we need to kick market makers out of business.

    This gab troll is everywhere. He really does keep calling every service a scam. I've been with 24 O for 3 years now and have never had any problems with withdrawals.
    Are you referring to me as a troll.....?? Did you bother reading the post on forex peace army did I mention anything about withdrawing ?? No the post is about making consistently large amounts of money with 24 option without them playing with platform or banning you from the platform they dont allow it fact....

    Maybe you have not had any problems is because like 95% of people out there don't make money trading and if you are making consistent money maybe you should make a video or post too show that you have been making consistent money with 24options for 3 years (highly unlikely)....

    I can give you all the proof you like. 24option have no issue letting you withdraw your money they do have an issue with a consistently successful trader taking large amounts of money from them so they stop that rather quickly. As this type of trader is a risk to their business .
  • Okane said:

    Hey there. That's an old one and what happened was that the case got resolved, the guy got his money (a settlement).

    Hi okane the case was never resolved we did get our money that was never the issue the issue is that they played with the platform when we where making too much money from them and when that never worked they simply closed our account and said our business was no longer welcome.

    In typical bucket shop/ market maker fashion they do not allow consistently profitable traders operate on the platform for a long period of time as in counting we have lasted 5 months with 24option and have had 2 personal accounts closed down in 2016.

    We our currently working on another account for a client so a more recent version of events will be uploaded soon and I can upload here if anyone likes.

    I'm not disputing that they do not payout or you can not make money trading binary options , what i am stating is that when you are making money on a consistent basis especially large amounts you are deemed a risk to their business structure and they will kick you off.

    Can they do this ? Yes because in their terms and conditions it clearly states they have the right to do business with whoever they like so by telling you that your business is no longer welcome is no problem.

    Again I challenge anyone to show me that are consistently making large amounts of capital from 24option without them playing with the platform or blocking the accounts.
  • reaper said:

    if you are clever to earn 100k, how can you not get that you need to do it smart? this is outstanding result, everyone would be at least suspicious. 24 options are not angels, but accuse them of being a total scum is crazy. by the way, good luck with kicking market makers out of business.

    sometimes I wonder how old my fellow traders really are, because this is not an adult behaviour, we can not really be so naive...

    stop looking for the ideal broker, there is no such thing in the world, as well as there is no holy grail strategy. we have to find the one that fits our needs, nothing else.

    If they are not a scam why did they kick us of the platform ? And feel the need to maniplate the trade entries by giving large spreads the videos posted in the thread clearly show this lol.

    The fact is they are happy if you are a losing trader, a breakeven trader or maybe a slightly profitable trader in small amounts as for professional traders who know how to make real money fast from these brokers they don't allow it and I can prove this over and over again and over again

    If they maniplate trades, kick you off for being too profitable can you explain what type of broker they are ?
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    Hello William,

    We can confirm what you say is accurate. Our community has given feedback that is very mixed on 24 Option and we do not work with them for that reason.

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