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  • JiglerJigler Posts: 34
    LUBI said:

    OLYMPTRADE and IQOPTION are the same, no regulation for OLYMPTRADE , this FINACOM is not a regulator but a scam

    LUBI, why you made such conclusion? Scam brokers don`t pay money. But olymptrade.com does pay.
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 46
    Basically, the factors, which the trading instrument profitability depends on, were clear from the beginning. As I see it, the task was to find out whether the profitability depended on the trader's actions. If the support says that the profitability is the same for all traders, and you've confirmed that even when trading in profit it was growing, then the profitability doesn't really depend on the way you trade.
  • My_Bank123My_Bank123 Posts: 2
    I have read so many comments about olymptrade.
    The fact is that, olymptrade is not a scam, a scam does not pay its clients, but olymptrade pays.
    We can't blame or judge bad olymptrade for the faults which are happening, there's not a perfect broker which doesn't suffer any problems, the problems are just there for every broker and they are inevitable.
    I have gone through very many brokers to find out how do they treat their clients, I came out with an answer that, Olymptrade is the best broker of all.
    It's the only broker that provides better educational tools for the beginners to make them master trade than other brokers, other brokers don't train their clients.
    Shortly, Olymptrade can change your life from zero to hero,long live olymptrade.
  • My_Bank123My_Bank123 Posts: 2
    LUBI you are an agent from the rival trading company that hates olymptrade, if you have proof that olymptrade is a scam, make it public here.
    You are defiling the image of olymptrade, you're like a devil who destroys every good thing without any reason.
    Give us evidence here how is olymptrade a scam? you must be a scam yourself.
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 464 mod
    Well,olymptrade doesn't get a lot of good reviews... and the finacom thing is a joke. IQOption is not associated with them, they are in fact a CySEC regulated broker, at least the platform that is available to EU residents is....
  • illodillod Posts: 49
    I completely agree with you that IQ option is a good broker, although it's not available in all countries. For example, in Russia IQ option isn't available, whereas with Olymp Trade you can trade without any problems, so there are pros and cons everywhere.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 34
    Exactly! Afterall, if I don't like profitability on one instrument, then you can always switch to something else easily, good thing this broker has lots of them.
  • TrezoTrezo Posts: 13
    You can switch the assets, but the thing is that it can become a real pain in the neck. It does happen soemetimes that the whole trading strategy is based on one particular asset.
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 46
    Well, you just need to change the trading startegy and that's it) Those who can't adapt won't survive. That's the trading law.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 34
    I totally agree with you. You should always trim your sails and keep an eye on new trends. I, for one, got into cryptocurrencies.
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 46
    Cryptocurrency is a cool thing. The volatility is pretty high so you can make some good money. But it has its own ins and outs.
  • TrezoTrezo Posts: 13
    What you've said about volatility is so very true…I've been watching bitcoin, some currency pairs don't reach in a week the volatility it can reach in a day.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 34
    High volatility is a two-edged sword. You can both make and lose money really quickly.
  • TrezoTrezo Posts: 13
    But everything here depends on you and how well you analyze the market.
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