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Dear traders,

We are holding a webinar this Sunday, 19th of March, to offer a guide to the new BSB TU CFXA program that we have now launched for all traders interested in trading FX.

It is a great opportunity for those of you already enrolled to get your questions answered and for those considering to become professional FX traders, to find out more about the program and its benefits for your trading.
Please register here for the Webinar which is on Sunday, 19th March 2017, at 3pm CET (2pm GMT):


Kind Regards,




  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 55
    Anybody listened to that program, if so, what it was all about ? Please let me know, is it something about new broker or something like that really ? So what do you say ? I know many times have passed, but I have seen other your posts and really want to know about that.
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 40
    Let's resurrect this thing really, I do want to hear about which things these people are really talking about. Do you hear me ? I see one person already leaved a message but that's way too low anyway. I do hope it will working out with them however I am not sure.
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