I need binary pending order tools or brokers that offer pending order

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hi , all binary traders. hope everything is fine. plase help me. I need binary pending order tools or brokers that offer pending order. i want to place a binary pending order of any price i want. if the price goes to my specific price then activated my call or put automatically. example : pending Order is a tool that is available on the platform which allows you to set up a future position. An Order opens a new position for you at the exact moment that the market price of the asset reaches the price you specified (Higher or Lower than the current trading price depending on your choice).i have serch but i failed. i can not get thats i need. i know here more experience friends and traders are active. please please help me. suggist me the brokers that offer binary option pending order.


  • mostafanetworkmostafanetwork Posts: 6
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    please i need a list of binary brokers that offer mt4 binary trading.
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 464 mod
    none of them do so far as I know, SpotOption is maybe doing something with that but I think it's just for forex anyway...
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    I totally agree that pending orders are common in forex and not binary options.
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    Hello, I think the Pending Order Tool is a unique Binary Options trading tool from Ultra-markets. Ultra-markets is offering the following special promotion.
    Thank you
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    There's one way to trade but it's difficult and not everyone can do it. I for one like to trade forex with indicators and other features in any broker's demo account. But I open trades only in my broker's mobile platform.
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