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GihonGihon Posts: 36
Hello Guys,

Back then The Geek offered me books to read so I went on to find these books and still to read many of them.
He also said together with others; the way to profitable trading is reading, studying and trading.

Now I have collected plenty books to read (ebook most of them).
Went to say a Big Thank You to The Geek but since did not find the tread I did that in private.
Told him he could open a new topic on Books... He said I can open... So here we go...

I suggest we post a title, an author and those who read the book can say a few words how did they feel about it.

Thank you Geek for suggesting those books!!!


  • GihonGihon Posts: 36
    I am reading now: How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange - A Guaranteed Income for Life, COURTNEY D. SMITH

    The author has a really good style which some times even humorous. Good read I recommend absolutely!
    Can anybody else recommend this book?
  • MalvridMalvrid Posts: 59
    I don't know, for example I haven't read any books about trading and I trade brilliantly without any literature. What I've read are a few interesting articles on the forum.
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 480 mod
    yeah, well, learning about technique, style, tools, strategy and mindset are a sure fire road to success. That's what I say. My favorite book is still Reminescences of a Stock Market Operator, its the best.
  • GihonGihon Posts: 36
    Malvrid and Geek, thank you very much for comments.
    What's the secret of your success Malvrid, do you mind to share with us?
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