product2014product2014 Posts: 2
Hi, Chris, you think that you are smart you closed my affiliate account without
sending me my payout or my earnings, I believe that you know what CPA/FTD means. How could you behave irrational by coming up with an excuse during the time of paying me after given you almost 25 FTD's over a month, why didn't you have a complain before the month end? or why did you approve my affilate account or better still inquire about the traffic questions.

After i have spent almost $1100 on both google.adword and facebook paid ads, how do you expect me to react normal to your response without paying and given me an excuse which i can not take because you want to run down my business.

where do you see such act being done by any affiliates company?

I have been working with various company of both direct
and third party like you, for almost 7 years, i was never treated me like
this by not sending my payout because it they know that is not an easy task
to get customers. therefore i 100% promised you that i will destroy the
reputation of all your business as well as

Then i will report you to all the broker that is working with you as
listed on your websites, that they should not do business with you again
that you are a 100% scammer.

I also will report you to and their investigation group

skrill. support that you are a 100 % scammer

i have hundreds of binaryoption /forex review and black list website in
which i will post it everyday for 1 year using forum poster software and
blog commeter software to review website and niche related website with the
following attached images that your websites are scammer

some of the website to comment to are listed below, just few of them, i
have close to 500 related websites.

I give you 48 hours ultimatum to reply to my email with reasons why you
failed to pay me my earnings of $2600, and why you closed the account with
paying me, therefore i want you to send my payment by skrill , so everyone
can move forward without affecting each other business reputations.


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,093 admin
    So you used to scam people by sending them to scam services such as cryptorobot and now you are butt-hurt that they scam you back?
    I don't feel sorry for you at all. Take a look at the services you have promoted, they are all scams. Also most brokers you mentioned like GreenFields Capital is involved in scams themselves. You think they care?
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 511 mod
    ha! the ship is sinking and the rats are coming to the surface. Serves him right, sucker. you weren't earning, you were getting a cut from stolen money. That's not good. And you told us about it. Thanks. Peace out.
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