Binary options "signals" Telegram channels - 99.99% SCAM

Dear fellow investors,

I'd like to warn you of the following binary options Telegram channels:

admin's Telegram username:
Teleram Id: 554571372
First: Clyde.R
Last: Polson

This is 100% SCAM. "Clyde Polson" or whatsoever his name is stole 0.05 BTC from me.

From the beginning: He claims to be a pro trader and trades binary options over IQoptions.
He offers people to invest with him for 24 hours to get 220% profit or to invest for a week to get 500% profit.

I asked him about some investors I could ask about their experience and he provided me 2 Telegram usernames. I asked them and they said that everything is fine and that he paid them the promised amount, so I sent him 0.05 BTC and after a week he didn't respond to my messages. I wrote him several times and he once wrote back "Hello" and that's it. He's completely ignoring me. Is there anybody with an idea how I could get back my money?

Here are his profile pictures he uses, but I honestly doubt that this is the real person/user of this Telegram account:

These are profile pictures of his binary options channel:

Beware guys, don't send any money to this guy Clyde Polson!!!

Another SCAM channel:

"Pro Signal Update"
admin's Telegram username:
Id: 481585919
First: Kendra
Last: Miller

I asked her about 2 investors I could contact and she said that she has investors from all over the world. She sent me 2 Telegram user names I could contact. These 2 were allegedly from 2 countries which languages I speak perfectly and it turned out that they used google translator and tried to mock me.
I figured it out and blocked them immediately.
After a few days I saw that these 2 "investors" changed their usernames and their profile photo, possibly to try to scam other people.

Here are the profile pictures of Kendra Miller:

These are profile pictures of her binary options channel:

These are the 2 "investors" I could ask about their experience with their actual (05/17/2018) Telegram usernames:
@lathiyamark (Lathiya Mark)
@Oliviamarris (Olivia Marris), before she had the name "Sofia Harris"

I doubt that this one is legit. I didn't have any contact with them, but it's the same scheme as above:
admin's Telegram username:

Another one. I also doubt that this one is legit. I didn't have any contact with them, but it's the same scheme as above:
Binary Touch Solution
admin's Telegram username:

Kind regards,


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,279 admin
    Hey, thanks for sharing. We get lots of these Telegram and Whats up scammers/spammers here on a daily basis.
    Always best to avoid such groups who are created by unknown people.
  • Avixe553Avixe553 Posts: 2
    I scammed by this guy in telegram:

  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 652 mod
    thanks for alerting us, he's been banned and removed.
  • furotharfurothar Posts: 2
    edited August 2018
    I got scammed by this guy in telegram too:

    This is his channel:

    And this is one of his "investor":

    Please if you all can report this scammers.
  • furotharfurothar Posts: 2
    Please if you can edit your post and write this scammer, his channel is called "Legitimate B. Signals"
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 652 mod
    furothar said:

    Please if you can edit your post and write this scammer, his channel is called "Legitimate B. Signals"

    Yeah, I pretty much assume that anything I see on Telegram is a scam.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    Yes, I agree with you that the viability of the free channels is quite low as theyare unregulated and unaccountable. But if you pay a channel for signal services then you can ask questions to the moderators. So, I would recommend you people to choose paid channel for such services. Thanks!
  • manishaggymanishaggy Posts: 2
    Be aware of another scammer Timothy Holtz goes by telegram name holtz1 and running a telegram channel "Binary Trade Signals". He runs investment program, takes money via BTC, skrill, says, he trades for a day to return 10 times investment. When its time to return, he asks to pay additional money as trade fee. When i refused to pay, he blocked me and deleted the chats. I was actually expecting something like this, but still went ahead.
    Everyone be careful not to fall into the trap. See attached screenshots. Is there anyway, I can trap him or report to agencies ?
  • forextelegramforextelegram Posts: 1

    Please DON’T TRUST Forex Telegram channel investment products or plans..

    I was scammed by a telegram channel called SKYSCRAPERS FOREX AND BINARY TRADES. The admin of this channel @ traderella her full name is Emmanuella Ginsberg. Please don't trust this lady she offers few investment products and will promise to pay you 50 to 70% for weekly (basic) product and 100 to 200% for monthly (premium) product. She posts some fake skrill and Bitcoin transactions every week saying payment was made to investors who invested in channel and make investors i mean her group members to invest money with her. I trusted her by seeing fake transaction proofs and sent some money to her in skrill. Emmanuelle Ginsberg said she will give my payout in a week as i took weekly product. She was in contact with me for a week and after that she started avoiding me. Then i came to know that i was cheated. This is 1st time for me before investing i have searched in internet about her channel but i didnt find any results. Guys please dont trust any investment plans in telegram channels and loose money. I also see another channel called FX BRAINS posting investment plans in there group. Don't ever ever trust any telegram channel who are giving juicy promises.

  • charliee3428charliee3428 Posts: 9
    What is the process?

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    The “brokers” whom you have spoken with use aliases to protect their identity. In order for our clients to go head to head with the multi-billion-dollar Binary industry, our clients must arm themselves with the best and brightest legal minds in Israel.

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    Flash-retrieval has already identified the perpetrators of these crimes. We have already recovered over 1.8million dollars for our clients. Contact flash-retrieval to help expedite the process.

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