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Hello everyone,
lately I am more into Forex Trading and I want to know what are you experiences with Forex Trading. Do you have any Tipps for me ?


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    jonass said:

    Hello everyone,
    lately I am more into Forex Trading and I want to know what are you experiences with Forex Trading. Do you have any Tipps for me ?

    Hey welcome.
    Well, just like binary options, start with a demo account.
    Use proper money management. For example, I prefer to not take trades
    when risk to reward is smaller than 1:2.
    Focus on reading charts and read our guides.
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    Hello jonass
    You need to find good Informations about Forex Trading... You can find it on free public forums, but there are also a lot of spam there too. Many times, the good traders get tired of all the nonsense that are written on these forums and at some point, they stop writing. So you need to find a good Website with all the Information you need to be a good trader. //Url removed. don't promote websites. //MOD.
    One thing I always say to "newcommers" is don't think that you will start making profit overnight. Forex trading requires a long period of studying and practice, and even then a lot of people struggle to be profitable. It's a long process and it's good to trust your own decisions, but those decisions must be made on the basis on what you see on the charts, not what you want the market to do.
    Hope I could help you a little bit.
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    Forex trading is the new way of trading. You can trade from your computer in every kind of currency. This is the new way of trading and it is also a digital trading. It has a huge amount of liquidity as it changes every second you must be very careful while trading in the forex.
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    Hello friend! I have good experience of trading on the Firex market as I am trading from a long time. I love to guide the new traders as it gives me satisfaction. You can ask any question to me if you have any sort of problem related to it. Looking to hear from your side!
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    I have been trading on the Forex market from a long time. I have good experience of trading gold and silver. I think the price if gold is showing a weired behavior over a past few months. I have lost a lot during this period. I am quite worried now a days!
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    Forex trading involves dealing with the forieng currencies and let the people to do trading its a quite complex task and require a lot of hardwork and commitment in the easy wording the forex is the buying and selling of international currencies but these trades require professionalism.
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    I find BO more easier to trade, but there are some similarities.With BO you have only two options put and call and strike price.Similarly with forex, you can go long or short on a currency, but spotting right exit levels, which would be something equal to striking price, is not quite easy job to do
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