ESMA to Renew Ban on Binary Options Again!!

If you are (or were) a binary options trader in Europe, you are doubtless aware that binary options have been banned across the entire European Union by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Rather than declaring the ban to last forever, the ESMA has been renewing it every three months since it was introduced. Now it has decided to renew the ban yet again.

The most recent renewal took place on October 2, 2018, and covers the three-month period lasting until January 2, 2019. The renewal will therefore go into effect on January 2, and will last for an additional three months.

You can read about the decision in a press release from the ESMA. Explaining the reason for the renewal, the press release stated, “ESMA has carefully considered the need to extend the intervention measure currently in effect. It considers that a significant investor protection concern related to the offer of binary options to retail clients continues to exist.”

At this point, it seems likely that the ESMA will continue with the renewals on the ban for the indefinite future.


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