3rd Party Trading Platform for Binary.com

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post!! I have never really used forums before, well I use reddit I guess lol.

I have been working on a 3rd party desktop platform for binary.com for a while now. It is free to use, there is a small developer fee of 1% on winning trades, which is very low, and honestly not noticeable; about 0.003 USD on 0.35USD trade...

It is a very unique platform, I am a trader, and I was sick of bot.binary.com's limitations, and I wanted to be able to switch up trading algorithms and manual trading. The platform has most technical indicators as available triggers, it has candlestick pattern recognition, it is very simple to use and will be getting machine learning patterns soon too.

You can run your VTC account for as long as you want with no limitations.

Give it whirl and see what you think. We have a small but strong discord community where you can discuss strategy files, feature requests etc. I am the only developer, but I am quick to respond and pro-active in development, and importantly totally open about the strengths and limitation fo the platform.

Downloads are on the (definitely not a link) website binarybottrading (dot) eu , as is the link to our discord server.

Many thanks, I am happy to discuss anything here also!


  • Doncrypt1Doncrypt1 Posts: 8
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