FX options on Iq option

TwunikyTwuniky Posts: 1
Anyone want to team up to trade fx options on iq option?


  • KeriusKerius Posts: 40
    Please be more specific about what you are talking here, as for me I am lost for example at the moment. What do you really mean by this ? Fx options ? How they are anyway ? What is IQ options anyway ? I am lost as well totally. So see my good.
  • rerezonrerezon Posts: 1
    Twuniky said:

    Anyone want to team up to trade fx options on iq option?

    What do you mean by team up ?

    clarify your question. because when it comes to iq options, i have a strategy that can conquer their digital options.
  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    Why do you ask about this broker really now ? Do you have some interest in this or what ? Care to explain this all to me or what ? I am completely and totally lost with your services out there. Do something much more good anyway. I can help you with feedback.
  • Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 24
    I also do not get what team up here means honestly ? Does any of you ? Cause I am done with that people for example. Can you please explain why it's so hard to master that topic by yourself or something like that probably ? Do you see me going ?
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 53
    I also do not understand why people do want to team up for trading .... as for me it's very lousy idea from the start anyway. I do not really understand what does it mean here completely. IT's your own unique way of trading anyway for all means.
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