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edited December 2017 in General offer to help to binary fraud victims. Their service includes dealing directly with banks and credit card firms to explain how and why the victim was defrauded. Binary options are often a new concept for banks and they are unwilling to help victims carry out a charge back. This firm assist at that point and clarify the issues for the financial institutions.

The consultation is free and you can see if you have a case. After that, the firm offer a range of recovery options. All have separate costs dependant on the fee to be recovered. Some options include a flat fee, or only paying a % of the recovered money.

If you have experience with, feel free to share it here.


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    I am using "Payback Ltd," to do my Chargeback, has anyone got experience with this company?
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    its probably a scam, if the fraud binary options scams were that easy to catch and force to pay you back the FBI and Interpol would be all over their asses. Don't be an idiot, do not PAY anyone to recover lost funds because you will be scammed twice.
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