How To Get Started With Binary Options! Beginners Look Here.

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Hey Beginner or anyone new to the forum and wishing to get started!

# Where do I start?
# What do I do first?
# Is there a best strategy?
# How do I get better?
# Which broker is good?

Those may be some questions you have and we are glad you found a forum with fellow traders!

So, here I will be gathering a list of articles I think are a great read/start for anyone who is new to the world of trading Binary Options.

We start with a few important topics and I will add more information in the future in this thread.

1. Every trader needs to know how and why you need to read a candlestick charts!

- Why Use Historical Charts
- Where to get Charts?
- Demo Trading and Training

2. Now that you know why you need charts and learned where to find one and have a demo account, you are ready to
get your feet wet in the are of technical analysis.

- Understanding Support and Resistance lines
- How to Draw Trendlines
- Price Action Patterns - Triangles
- Chart Patterns - Targets and Expiry Selection

3. You may also need to learn how to use some of the most popular indicators because trading naked charts can be difficult for a beginner.

- Common Indicators for beginners
- Why your strategy may not work!

Like I said, I will add more articles but you can always search a keyword on the main page if you are looking for something special.


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