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    Hi, I got scammed by the same arsehole. I think his 'name' [alias] was actually Lansford Gordon and he transformed into Andrew Burrows, at least his voice sounded identical. Since around September/October CPT's website has disappeared and they have 'gone' to The Ukraine via Switzerland - all phoney, of course. There seems no chance of getting any money back even if any of the bastards get caught. The common advice seems to be inform the fraud police and your bank. They will do nothing other than to acknowledge your complaint and shirk any responsibility. Some victims, including myself have formed a group on Facebook but you will need to go though the group administrator (see 'anonymous' post on page 6 of this forum) . Whilst I have been preparing this reply to you (mjt) I noticed a scammer whose 'name' I didn't check and whose post timed at 19.59 has now, it seems, has been removed by admin as a suspected scammer. In addition to the facebook group (which numbers several dozen) there is also a WhatsApp group of which I am not a member yet which is also working on this case
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    Hi Larry
    To join the WhatsApp group you need to submit an action fraud number and proof of at least one payment to strategy markets
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    Hi all

    Myself and many others are part of a group of people who were scammed by Strategy Markets/CPT. If you would like to join our efforts, then please start by joining our facebook group. Go on to facebook and search for 'scammed by strategy markets' to find us.

    Also, be aware that secondary tier scams have targeted many of the victims. Do not be fooled into handing any more money over to anybody who claims that they can help you with this.


  • larry1812larry1812 Posts: 5
    word to - admin. Above is a post from Gary 101 - post no. 7 dated 28 March. Any chance this is a SCAM???!!!
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 643 mod
    larry1812 said:

    word to - admin. Above is a post from Gary 101 - post no. 7 dated 28 March. Any chance this is a SCAM???!!!

    you'll have to give me a link to the post directly, I didn't see gary 101
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