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I am having trouble withdrawing my funds, and now I don't have access to my account. Anyone else having issues as well?


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    Traders BO as in Body Odor? Whats their company slogan? TradersBO because "We just STINK!"
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    This is really upsetting because I am actually doing really good in the account, and every time I want to withdraw they convince me not to.

    I finally spoke with my account manager, he said my account is not verified yet and that's why I cant access the account. Can they do that, block me out?

    I will send this freaking document, I don't even wanna quit with them, but if they keep BSing me I will burn their fcking site. Because to take my money it's very easy, but to give me back + profits they all the sudden aren't efficient.
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    Date of Post: 2015-03-04
    Review: We haven't tried a binary options trading account from If you've traded binaries with this broker, please leave a review here.
    Giles Bury, London, United Kingdom
    Date of Post: 2015-03-04
    Review: Hi, I have been the victim of an online scam with a company called Tradersbo, They trade Binary Options.

    I received an email from someone telling me that if I trade Binary Options with them that I could slowly make my money grow.
    There are a lot of legitimate Binary options companies on the net so I looked at it to see how it works.
    It seemed to be a big industry regulated by the FCA so I thought I would try it and see if I could make some money to help me get out of debt.

    The company is so I deposited £250 to open an account. Then someone phoned me from TraderSBO
    to say that I could make much better profits if I invested a bit more.

    He called himself James Gallant and talked about a long term portfolio which would grow my money steadily
    and the first 10 trades were insured so I couldn’t lose any money. He was very convincing. So I stupidly deposited £750, then £1000 to make a total of £2000.

    He said he was trading with my account and a few days later they deposited £230 into my trading account.

    Then a guy named Robert Levine phoned me and said if I put in more money I could make bigger profits. I said I don’t have
    any more money because I’m in debt and that’s why I’m trying to earn some extra money to pay off my credit cards.

    He sounded upset and tried pressuring me but I refused to put in more.

    Then I got worried and researched Tradersbo but didn’t find anything about them except that they started trading on January 15th which worried me.
    One time when I phoned the company someone answered and accidentally said "Hello CVCoptions” and on they're website I found a link to CVCoptions
    so I researched CVCoptions and found to my horror a lot of comments on the internet about how they had scammed and robbed people.
    So obviously they changed the name but are the same den of thieves.

    I went to my Tradersbo account and tried to withdraw my £2000 but it was refused. I tried again several times but it was always refused.
    Then I Skype Texted Robert Levine because he wouldn’t take my phone calls any more, asking for my money to be put back on my card.

    He keeps saying "we are trading with it and it cannot be returned", so I said I don’t want my money traded I want it returned to my card.
    It’s my money if I want to withdraw it I should be allowed to. I asked several times and each time he makes an excuse. He won’t let me withdraw my money.
    Now I can’t even get into my account and he doesn’t even reply to my Texts.

    I just managed to get into my account and all my money has gone!!!!
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    open a case at FPA
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    Hey Guys, I received my withdrawal from, I had sent the wrong credit card for verification. I just don't understand why they didn't tell me before I decide to do the Withdrawal.

    I got really nervous with this bad review so I asked about this dude that lost his money- they said he couldn't take his money because signed for a bonus and his trading went down hill, when he went to withdraw he didn't reach the trading volume.
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    actually I'm trading with them a few months already and I don't have any issues and they making a lot of money for me, the problem is that they very busy and not always pick up the phone
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    I deposited $3000 at trader sbo and nobody didn't get in touch with me yet
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    Hey John and Boris, I just sent a bunch of emails and went on the chat until I got someone, just bug them until someone speaks with you. They also use Skype so you can bug them there too!
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    hello fingerscross
    I'll try it , thanks.
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    borisl said:

    actually I'm trading with them a few months already and I don't have any issues and they making a lot of money for me, the problem is that they very busy and not always pick up the phone

    And this crap is not acceptable at all, why do we hold brokers to a lower standard, they have your money so they should respond zero excuses allowed. If I call up Oanada they answer the phone. If I email Markets World or Traders Way they respond. There is no BS excuses.

    If people held these bucket shops to an acceptable standard of behavior or don't deal with them they would start dropping like flies. But know to many people are greedy and listen to the bullshit cool-aid they pump up your arse and keep them in business.
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    Honestly why would anybody use them the name alone just STINKS lol.. TradersBO? WTF and their payouts suck across the board so anybody who deposited with this company is RETARDED... At least find a scam broker that pays better that way when they deny your withdrawal at least it will be for better payouts that you won't get paid on... Errrr hold on that does not sound right...
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    Yup TRADERSBO really STINKS! This shows you how goofball bucket shops operate so don't use kunt brokers like this unless you want to risk never getting your money back even if you are profitable!

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