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  • Re: Strategy Markets SWP Portfolio

    A friend of mine invested 25k and this month was supposed to get the first return and told them would want to take all the profits to date which were almost 6k the day before it was due to be paid there were 4 trades made of 6k which all lost so the running profit is now less than 1k.......... this has been reported to the Police Action Fraud team........... keep well away from them
    Same as a friend of mine that scammed with 30000£
    Glad you shared your story. Even if we keep telling people not to trust such scams, it always makes a greater effect when someone shares
    what happened to them so they really get the picture!
  • Re: Hello and welcome

    We hope you like our new place to discuss anything binary options. Introduce yourself here so we can get to know you!
    Hi admin, I am new in binary option.I stay in INDIA and heard about . Can you please tell me whether the robot site is genuine or not, I mean the said that there wining percentage is up to 80%. Are they reliable ? Waiting for your reply.
    Hey there. NO, all autotraders and robots are scams in this industry! Their goal is to make money on your losses.
  • Re: Alert! Zeus Pro Traders ltd is 100% Scam! !!!

    Hey. Thanks for sharing. There are many who spam forums regarding "free Telegram groups" and most of them pretty much run a scam similar to what you are talking about. It's good to know! I saw the page just now, seems he is advertising a lot of scam.
  • Re: Stackoptions is a SCAM!!!

    That number is from UK not Australia. Also, any broker you pick, you have to make sure they are regulated.
    Anyway, your story is a typical of a scam whitelabel broker. All those names are fake too.
  • Re: Enquiry

    Well, if you already don't know that, maybe opening an account should not be your first concern!
    Maybe you should start reading first. You don't jump into the ocean then ask "how do I swim?".

    Start reading some blogs and articles we have on the main page

    You should read about charting, demo accounts, strategies, support and resistance, price action, common mistakes etc...

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