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  • Re: i Need a UK IQ Option Trading partner

    Need a trading partner
    Hey, is this also you?
  • Re: I have recovered my lost $19K from Cherry trade

    Hey there. Happy you got your money. Any steps you want to share here in the forum with us? I mean, on how to proceed? Thanks
  • Re: Banc de Trust - new broker

    Thank you.
    It seems nice now. But I will put on withdraw and get the money back on my credit card. Be back in couple days with the result.
    Yes, they usually show some good results then ask for further deposits.
    Whether it looks good now or not doesn't matter. The conclusion is: there is a conflict of interest between
    you and the broker. You lose = they win. You should not have them trade for you.
  • Re: is binary trading just gambling?

    Binary Options is like most other things in life; you can
    approach it like if it was gambling and waste your money
    if you have too much of it or you are too lazy to learn and become a trader.
    Those binary options ads you mentioned, they are obviously exaggerated, but then again;
    which ads are not exaggerated? Glad you don't believe them...
    I just don't know why, when it comes to BO, some people
    suddenly think all ads should tell you the entire truth. I guess the promises
    of making millions overnight makes people stop using their brains lol.
    Like, Redbull does not make you fly, as far as I know.

    Yes, knowledge helps! But you can't gain knowledge overnight.
    Start learning and don't focus on making a few bucks per week.
    Focus on trading. Consider the money the prize
    for making good trades.
  • Re: John Kane SCAM exposed

    Thank you for your efforts.

    I just got 2 private messages by accounts which have never posted a single post on this forum. I would be happy to expose them to the moderators of this forum.

    One said they had profited over $370 just today. And that he/she would be happy to let me know 'the secret'. But if they are so successful, why would they spam my inbox if not to try and sign my up for this or that?

    I smell a rat of course. But the thing is, some one could fall for it and fall victim.

    I am not interested in get rich quick schemes. If I am going to trade with real money, it will only be once I learn how to trade and some basic fundamentals.
    Hey it's important you report them so we can remove them before they do damage to anyone.
    Some people just don't understand what a scam is and get ripped off easily.

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