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  • Re: Elijah Oyefeso *** SCAM WARNING ***

    Well. In each case, someone putting10K on a 60sec trade (unless his account size is a million dollars) and
    the other dumdum who puts 10K on roulette it's called pure gambling...
    By the way, many people like to gamble, so binary options is just another break from the casino.
    Then there are the few who really care about making money and know they need to make an effort, a big one.
  • Re: I have lost over 20k trading. Anyone help me?

    Guys you are right, but it is a struggle to find anyone who is willing to help without taking money... they take the money and it ends up being a useless strategy that they give.
    That's the true for the most part but I have personally helped hundreds of people for free.
    I have done live and free YouTube webinars, recorded many videos for free about how I take my trades, I have done
    private screen sharing on Skype or in groups for free, I have shared diaries in forums for free.
    The problem is not that there is no free material. The problem is that people want a get rich quick tool or strategy.
    Obviously, no one can sell you a working strategy and anyone claiming they can is a fraud.
    I currently have many students, some have spent months trying to learn what I taught them so you see, there is no
    get rich quick manual. What I have learned took me years and obviously there are soooo many who would want to master that too
    but how do you propose me sitting here giving out private time to hundreds of people per day... for free?
    But as I said, I still did, through YouTube and forums I reached out to many people and some of my colleagues and fellow traders
    like The_Geek and others.

    By the way, in any business, you must invest money to learn the right skills. You either spend them through trial and error by losing money
    or you spend them on proper education. Just make sure you don't invest your money with scammers who promise wealth in a short time and make sure they actually know how to trade.
  • Re: Mark's Reversal Moneymaker


    "So now you’re probably wondering where I come in… Well the broker pays me a small part of that 20% for every successful trade that you make"
    Seriously dude we are not morons here. You have commission based earnings and that is complete nonsense about the 20%. You get paid either way, they lose or win doesn't matter.
  • Re: starting

    You don't. Because you don't start a business in a field you know nothing about.
    So the conclusion is: start learning about binary options first, worry about businesses later.
  • Re: 3 Binary Options Trading Strategies For Beginners

    Just another spammer, I will try to remove all these "email me people" when I see them.
    Btw I removed his email from your quote Michael :)

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