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I started a new website, but had to change the URL, here is the new link, examing social trading and social trading websites, platforms and traders... Social Trading Binary Options


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  • Re: New to trading

    how does trading forex do that for you? do you mean learn technical analysis so you can get your own signals?
  • Re: Books About Trading - Review

    yeah, well, learning about technique, style, tools, strategy and mindset are a sure fire road to success. That's what I say. My favorite book is still Reminescences of a Stock Market Operator, its the best.
  • Re: New to trading

    be very careful, most of those signal services are nothing more than CYBER CRIME! they are black hat marketing gurus, not trading gurus, who know how to press your buttons and get you to give them money. If trading was as easy for them as they want you to believe why aren't they MEGA rich, living on their own private island? Because they are full of sh#t. Trade for yourself, accept your own losses when they come, work hard to make profits and reap the benefits, else you'll just lose money, and some more money and some more money while chasing the "holy grail".
  • Re: So is there any serious signals provider around ? soo much scam ...

    to be totally honest, not really, you just can't trust a signal to be good even if the provider is honest. Most of what you find on the net is total BS, marketing gimmicks used by shady brokers and 3rd party black hat seo's making a buck off peoples desperation, greed and laziness. Do yourself a favor and learn to trade for yourself and use weekly expiries, that way its easy to monitor and you'll have plenty of time to take signals when they develop.
  • Re: Finding It hard to get started.

    we totally accept you, that is what we are here for! glad to have you with us, let us know whenever you need assistance or have a question.

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