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  • Re: 24Option Broker Forum Discussion

    All EU CySEC brokers are going through major changes right now. the regulators, including EMSA and MiFID, are sticking it to them when it comes to bonuses and practices in call centers, managers etc. Plus, the EUROBOA has just organized, the European Brokers Association, and they are going to enact best practices and other measures to prevent fraud and other things like pushy account managers.
    I am a little sceptical about this at present. Should Banc de Binary really be telling others how to behave? They could sort their own issues out first. Likewise if Spot Option want to clean up binary options, they could start by shutting down scam operations on their platform. I hope I am wrong, but with the firms involved, I want to see actions, not words.

    They also mentioned binary options could be "self regulated". I think not. It needs strong regulators, nothing less. Lets bring binaries into the mainstream and treat them like the rest of the financial sector.
  • Re: Beginners question, indicators RSI

    I like indicators as a tool to confirm my original thoughts, as opposed to using them to trigger trades on their own.
  • Re: Misleading advertising which is harmful to newbies

    Misleading marketing is one of binary options biggest problems - another is the brokers encouraging and exploiting it. People are being misled, plain and simple.

    As for the emotional side of trading, again I agree. But this is not restricted to binary options. How many people buy stocks and shares? How many of them researched the fundamentals?!! And in the same way, if an investor was faced with a defensive stock offering a 5% dividend and low volatility - or a biotech startup that *might* have a cancer cure that will make gazillions - they pile into the biotech.

    "get rich quick" is normally a phrase you hear before you are about to do the complete opposite....

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