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lotzofbotz ✭✭✭✭

GarbageWare SCAM BOT = VIRTNEXT unless you want to give money away I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole...


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  • IS A SCAM!

    Here is a site that is likely going to get sued very soon by various parties as they are writing false reviews and spamming like mad all over the place and we have a very good idea exactly who owns it as well. If you see reviews from this site ignore them as they recommend SCAM services such as Binary Robot, Banc De Binary and Binary Hedge Fund all of which are horrible scams that make the whole binary options industry look like a joke!

  • Re: Open Warning to all spammers, scammers and SEO/marketers posting here.

    From BinaryOptionsThatSuck - Here is the review that sticks out = HIGH NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS/SCAM BROKER

    BigOption Complaints -
    There were quite a few complaints about BigOption not paying or trying to avoid paying their clients. BigOption was accused of making excuses and delay withdrawals or convince people to keep trading. In at least a couple of cases a few clients claimed their account manager had without their knowledge wiped their account because they wanted to withdraw their profits. Later they could no longer access their accounts anymore. These are some serious claims and since the broker isn’t regulated there is not much you can do about it. On the other hand, some complaints were due to clients not entirely reading the terms & conditions of the service. Try typing BigOption scam, fraud, complaint, and be adviced; you’re going to see some ugly things. One client had issues with getting parts of his funds back due to overuse of the cancellation feature. However, the terms and conditions clearly states what is considered abuse of this feature so we can’t really blame BigOption.
  • Re: STAY AWAY FROM WWW.BINARYBOOK.COM !! Their platform is rigged !!

    What it means is he is a spammer from who has one of the worst reputations in the industry and are being sued up the ___...
  • Re: IQ Option Broker Forum Discussion

    Well if he has negative comments they must be good! LoL
    BTW with the way their platform works I could bankrupt them in less then a month...
    30 sec to 2 min micro trading with 80-90% payouts x 200 or more people following = NO MORE IQOPTION
    100-300% returns a day using money management and frequency as they have the most easy to use platform ever..
    Already tested it with a few people live for fun with my new micro ALGOs...
    If I made a video of the live trades and results I would be the most popular person on the internet roflmao...

    *NOTE this is all demo trading don't put too much into it as who knows what risk management they have. I will say that IQoption has done such a great job that all other binary option platforms look like a complete joke... I have not seen anything better in bins..
  • Re: IQ Option Broker Forum Discussion

    I like their platform and payouts. Still I would be very careful as I kinda sense with their tech they have some quality risk management capabilities = they can PHUCK you on trades with ease.

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