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The Kinetex Network Ambassador Program Pre-announcement

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Kinetex Network – Gateway to Multi-chain Liquidity


Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that changes the way people share and store data. Since blockchain transfers the control over information (or transactions) from one authority or organization to many computers involved in its recording, it is valued for increased security and transparency.

Recently, companies from the traditional sector of the economy have begun to realize the benefits and innovations blockchain can bring to their businesses, causing a surge in the popularity of related technologies. Additionally, more and more fintech companies started to obtain licenses and enter the financial market, gaining access to users who were not previously exposed to cryptocurrencies or were quite afraid to work with them. Even fashion houses and art-related companies are not far behind in exploring blockchain, particularly NFTs, searching for ways to engage with their consumers more and revolutionize the transfer of intellectual properties and ownership rights.

While such a large amount of interest positively influences the development of the crypto industry, it also highlights the problems that users and companies regularly face, including lack of interoperability between blockchains, high gas fees on the Ethereum network, MEV attacks, fragmented liquidity, validator vulnerabilities, excessive complexity of processes and interfaces, and the need for technical knowledge from users. These problems hinder the adoption of blockchain technologies and the use of cryptocurrencies.


The Kinetex team has been working in the blockchain industry for many years, actively participating in the development of cross-chain technologies that can increase interoperability between networks and promote blockchain to the masses.

The team’s work led to the creation of the Kinetex dApp. It is an innovative product with two modes: Kinetex Aggregation and Kinetex Flash. The first mode aggregates liquidity among hundreds of protocols and unites them into a single point for easy access. The second mode is a new generation of the Kinetex dApp that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs instead of third-party validators, addressing major security issues, and allows users to make swaps directly with market makers.

Another Kinetex innovation is Kinetex Gasless, a new solution that simplifies gas payments. With Kinetex Gasless, users no longer have to worry about storing multiple native coins for paying gas and can enjoy using DeFi services as never before.

During its work, the Kinetex team has connected with many well-known DeFi projects and received grants from the most prominent crypto giants, including 1inch, Telos, and Polygon. Moreover, Kinetex Network has been audited by PeckShield, one of the leading blockchain security companies, to ensure that it is as secure as possible.


The Kinetex community has been playing an important role in the development of Kinetex Network from day one. We want to build a truly decentralized and inclusive organization that could empower the community and help Kinetex Network grow.

To attract new members to the community, give them rights to actively participate in the project development through voting, and kick-start a wider adoption and usage of Kinetex Network, Kinetex DAO has voted for the launch of two Programs: the Kinetex Network Ambassador Program and the Kinetex Network Testnet Program. The Ambassador Program is designed to grow the community through various media campaigns, and the Testnet Program is intended to debug the system through collective testing.

Learn more about the Kinetex DAO Programs by clicking (this link -

To make sure that people learn about the Kinetex DAO Programs in advance and that there are enough rewards for all willing to participate, a dedicated (whitelist - is going live today!

Hurry up and get whitelisted for one of the most ambitious ambassador programs in the crypto industry!

The Kinetex Network Ambassador Program - (whitelist:!

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The Kinetex community is looking forward to changing the world with you!


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