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Hey, Just wondering if anyone has any input or experience with

They seem more geared toward gambling but state they hold a few licenses. I'm guessing Isle of Man is a good thing.


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    Well outside of 1 other company that had something called "BoxOptions" was the 1st true binary options broker and are the guys that started it all in the opinion of many. Binary options is considered gambling by most regulators also the primary reason why most countries trading bodies will not touch it and also the #1 reason why there are so many scams in this field. is a solid company with a very good reputation along with a multiple regulations. The payouts make all other bin brokers pale in comparison to be honest that is what I like best about them.
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    Thanks mate.

    Considering giving HIVE a go to contemplate my own training and learning. But I didn't recognise most of the brokers on their front page and is the only one to work with Hybrid at the moment. But after some research and your reply I feel more comfortable with them if I decide to go ahead. Very cautious these days, I knew nothing 8 weeks ago and fell for that auto trading crap. So sadly ended up depositing into Banc De Binary and GTOptions. So who knows if I'll see that money back. Since that day I've been researching and demo everyday, using those accounts to demo the min for now. Goal is to get back what the auto traders lost and then the final test... see if I can actually withdraw and close the damn account. Had enough of these cyprus morons calling my phone instructing me to invest 10k or "yeah I know you don't have 10k but lets just try your credit card anyway" :dizzy:

    Anyhow lesson learned.
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    Yeah never give them a credit card imo. A debit card with a balance amount you can choose is wise imo. Also never pick up the phone to a binary broker. They are not really allowed to call you to solicit business. That is a BIG RED FLAG the broker calls you to ask for $... Communicate only through email don't accept bonuses or other TRAPs they use to prevent you from withdrawing. You have a good plan imo...
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    This guy went crying over to another site since he got busted here, lol.....
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