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  • ktf1111ktf1111 Posts: 1
    do marketsworld accept malaysia user
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Why don't you ask them directly? They have live operators on their website to answer questions...
  • unknownunknown Posts: 24
    Hey man im considering signing up for marketsworld. They have this $50 dollar insured first trade bonus. anyone can shed light on what this is?
  • mohammadovmohammadov Posts: 25
    Nice catch lotz
  • grizbaregrizbare Posts: 6
    Ummm, hello! 6:15 on your YouTube review "Every now and then you will see a little bit of price manipulation." You say this and still give them a shining review? Isn't price manipulation dishonest? How can you say this and then justify it with "'s nothing bad. They go through cycles and people complain on the forums and they end up fixing it..."? And this is your #1 recommended broker on What happens to the people that didn't know that MarketsWorld was manipulating the price? And even despite the dishonesty they display you give them your site's Best Broker Award? Are you serious? Am I missing something here? Is it just common practice that most brokers routinely manipulate the prices to "help" traders land OTMs and you are saying that MarketsWorld is doing the best at reconciling the situation when they get caught? Is that why you are giving them your Best Broker Award? This is very disturbing! The obvious next question is... What is your affiliate arrangement with MarketsWorld? I would greatly appreciate some clarification.
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    You want to know why they get the best reward? I agree with you in turn that the little games brokers play to give themselves a minor edge only really serve to harm their reputation and having to repeat to them when they do this is also somewhat disturbing, but lets look at the overall picture of them as a broker. If we compare them to all the games that the other brokers play which are too creative and many to list such as hedge/trade rejections to brokers making trades for clients which is in direct conflict and almost always results in the clients reduction of funds and the numerous other games brokers play with not giving timely or even not giving withdrawals to trapping people with nutty bonus structures to even so far as putting in writing that those customers making a profit are could be considered in direct conflict and terminated from the platform well then Markets World is by far many times more professional then just about anybody else in the industry here are the key points to note+ and -s included.

    1) Withdrawals - Markets World has the absolute best reputation with out peer. If you make a profit and want to get paid they are #1 and won't be calling you to deposit or not withdraw funds.

    2) No bonus trap structure as most of the other brokers operate with where your funds are trapped with both the bonus and deposit disallowing withdrawals until you reach the turnover that can be over 50x the dep/bonus combined so imagine you deposit $1000 and get a 100% bonus you would need to trade $100,000.00 in turnover to withdraw funds and then the bonus is often removed from your account on top of that when it is reached. Any bonus with MW is segregated and has no withdrawal restrictions, but that said you only get those bonus funds when the turnover is hit and is automatically deposited to your traded funds which again are 100% withdraw-able at any time.

    3) Feedback from traders which should really be the main reason but lets save it for last as it is the most important. Most people that trade and are profitable need a broker that is going to pay them and that is what MW will do beyond all other brokers without hesitation in often under 2 days. If you look at just about every other broker we find complaints solidly across the board from all ends of the spectrum but not with MW why is this? Because they are the most stable of any broker and yes this site is going to promote them but I am not. I will tell you the real deal unlike most and I don't get anything from MW or any other broker period.

    All of that being said there are only a handful of brokers you can make good $ with as most of these bucketshops are jokes and don't deserve to have their webpage seen much rather invest any funds in them. Markets World on average is #1 and remains so for the above reasons. This is voted on by the community in general fyi. The minor games they play from time to time don't mean much other then an irritation and should not occur and if they do I will let you know as I have in the past.
  • grizbaregrizbare Posts: 6
    Thank you for your objective response Lotz. I realized there were some shady dealings going on with several brokers which is why I am looking for honest reviews of them. Hopefully, one will come along with integrity to put the shady brokers out of business.
  • randy1953randy1953 Posts: 18
    I live in the US not a lot of options can I get some feedback on Markets World. I like their platform sure beats SpotOption my main concerns beyond platform is you can withdraw your money when you want to excluding all the turnover crap if your not too smart and take a bonus.
  • ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    Hi Randy - Ive merged your question in to this thread. You will find your answer about MarketsWorld here!
  • ds.trading70ds.trading70 Posts: 59
    Does this mean we can trust the brokers and Signals given by MarketsWorld?
  • BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    randy1953 said:

    I live in the US not a lot of options can I get some feedback on Markets World. I like their platform sure beats SpotOption my main concerns beyond platform is you can withdraw your money when you want to excluding all the turnover crap if your not too smart and take a bonus.

    Markets World has a segregated bonus so thats a no issue.
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
  • TheTwistedTheTwisted Posts: 11
    I am currently researching brokers, but with Martketsworld I don't see how you can always trade 15m, because they have fixed expiry times so it can also be 10 or 20minutes. Any suggestions?
  • ahsanbsl15ahsanbsl15 Posts: 2
    Hi friends, How are you all ?
    I am new in this Forum Discussion.
  • fxsniperfxsniper Posts: 4
    Had a live account with Marketsworld for several weeks now.So far I have made a 30% profit on my initial deposit.But more importantantly,I made TWO small withdrawals........just to test it out.Impressed really because the money was back in my account within about 4 days.

    Like many on here I avoid ANY brokers who are registered in places like Cypres.Going to stick with Marketsworld for the time being as long as I don't have any problems.
  • thesanman954thesanman954 Posts: 3
    I love markets world i make $300 daily with it
  • fxsniperfxsniper Posts: 4
    Latest update from my experience using Marketsworld. - Very little problems apart from one day this month when the site was unable to process card payments.I chatted online to operator who immediately advised me of the problem.It was back to normal within 24 hours and infact they improved the process of deposits by card.

    Made a withdrawal recently which only took 3 days to reach my account so I have to say I am very impressed.To date I make something like 10% per month on my capital by working around 3 hours per day.I'll continue with this method for the time being.

    If you haven't already......join Marketsworld and start small.Once confident,increase your account.REMEMBER......they are regulated so your cash is safe !!!
  • sexycoolsexycool Posts: 2
    Researching for companies to try binary options. Is marketworld a good place to start? Already ditched 24options.
  • junyahjunyah Posts: 1
    hi guys can anyone recommend a mt4 that sync with marketsworld platform,it would be greatly appreciated
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