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Is there anyone recovered their money from binary option trade scam?

ldvyldvy Posts: 2 ✭

Im hoping to get at least my capital.πŸ˜” I was wrong investing to wrong person/business.


  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 841 mod
    good luck with taht, it's likely you will never see that money again. Be very careful of the next step you take... the flipside of the trading scam is the scam to help you get your money back. If anyone tells you that they are lying and trying to get you to throw more good money away.
  • NickQuietNickQuiet Posts: 1 ✭
    Did you have some list?
  • I agree with the first comment on this post. Unfortunately you cannot recover it, and be careful if anyone says that you can. There are many recovery scams out there claiming they can hack into the scammers' system but they just ask you to pay more money and then don't help.
  • parsevalparseval Posts: 12 ✭
    Mmm, if you want my humble opinion, I see binary options as a form of gambling too. Let me explain myself. First of all, those currency trades are every time unpredictable. I mean, the volatility is so big that you cannot even see a good growing or losing tendency. The second and the most important, it is not possible to daytrade because of the fact I’ve mentioned above. So, as a result, this form of trading is pretty equal to playing of one of those places. I know it sounds offensive, but it’s a truth. I am sorry if you are gurus here and make millions on Forex.
  • SurthesAmySurthesAmy Posts: 15 ✭
    The most obvious and reliable option is real estate. People find it psychologically easier to part with their money when they get something solid and tangible in return, which they can then rent, resell, pledge, or use for their own needs. Here are a few advantages over the stock market:
    1. There is almost no risk of losing capital, unless you count cases of fraud or physical destruction;
    2. If the location is well chosen, you can choose your own tenants and raise the rate.
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