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Hi Folks, can you advise me a binary broker with cents account?

Hi Folks, can you advise me a binary broker with cents account? Or one who accepts trades lower than 1$? Thanks


  • sanjidasansanjidasan Posts: 14
    Are there any of those?
  • bboy966bboy966 Posts: 3
    I couldn't find any so far. Trading with 1$ bets seems to me kind of a gambling. It works well in demo mode but in real you need at least 250$ bankroll to cover your ass.
  • bboy966bboy966 Posts: 3
    Hi Folks, thanks for all your answers and help, I really appreciate your kind efforts. Good bye BinaryOptionsNet! It's a shame.
  • paulsypaulsy Posts: 10
    Cent accounts usually require a low to no minimum deposit. With a minimum of $1, a trader can easily open a forex account and the trading balance will be displayed as 1000 cents. So it's good to go with a broker who accepts trades lower than 1$.
  • ivortyrusivortyrus Posts: 1
    edited March 30
    Thanks for advice
  • sanjidasansanjidasan Posts: 14
    What’s the point in having a cents account? You won’t find any broker who will trade this way.
  • Trader123Trader123 Posts: 1
    I do not have the right answer for that . But to really trade well . You need to have good knowledge for trading .You may to do some research

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