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    Added some more
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    And one more
  • kasualkasual Posts: 1
    how about martingale. is this strategy work in 60 sec trading style.
  • binaryandybinaryandy Posts: 2
    60s is gambling, theres no way to have a strategy for that i mean unless theres a very very clear trend
  • iceboticebot Posts: 3
    edited January 2015
    I don't think that 60s is gambling, not that I'm flaming.
    The way I see is it is that it requires more accurate knowledge( or more recognation speed on pattern level) and dedication from the trader itself.

    But would agree with you that the fail / success amount is different from the ones like 15m.

    I personally am not a full desiplined trader, I have to tell that, but on my way I believe that I'm still growing my knowledge base and follow up, little by little
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    It takes a very skilled trader to trade the 60s most of it has to do with the discipline of the fast price and thinking clearly in a non emotional way as the faster speeds tend to mess up alot of new traders. Most can not trade them and what I have learned from other newbies failing on the 60s is to just not trade them till you have alot more experience under your belt...
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