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Avenger trader... 100% SCAM, STAY AWAY!

MaeOfHothMaeOfHoth Posts: 20
Anyone heard of this signal provider? I just recently found them and from what I have researched so far, it seems like it has good reviews (Though that was also the case of Mike's Auto Trader, then the truth was revealed) and I was wondering if anyone has heard of it or tried it?

Thanks, mae


  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2014
    Come on seriously? You have to ask if this is a scam? How about this, all software that requires you to signup to a broker is a scam... Let's make it simple, if nobody would sign up to the required brokers you would undo all of these scams...
  • MaeOfHothMaeOfHoth Posts: 20
    T'is why I am the idiot noob. Just glad not stupid enough to not ask and jump right in instead :P
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    At least you ask.. That is a start.
  • EgmoEgmo Posts: 5
    Ops ! i did it again ! quantum ato trader ! I sign up 16 of dec ! Ok low deposit because i want to se if its work ! Any body who learn about them , pleace let me knnow ? :) Happy new year :)
  • truthordaretruthordare Posts: 8
    Avenger Trader is indeed a scam, basing it from my experience! Yes, we all have to experience being scammed before we got to see the truth about all these auto bots! It is best to learn about trading (manually) before one dreams of just sitting there and let the auto bots make them money! If that is the case then we can all just sit down and be rich using these auto bots! Luckily for me, I still have my initial deposit and the most losses I incurred was due to my inexperience of trading manually. I turned-off the auto bot once I saw that it did me one win and the rest were losses! I was even better in trading as a newbie compared to this supposedly "intelligent" auto bot, har! har! har! Advice to all who deposited money in auto bots, turn it off, go to the website of your broker (for Avenger, I have Regal Option as broker), go there and change your password! From there, you can trade manually and don't have to use that stupid auto bot! From then on, you just deal directly with your broker and not with Avenger TRader! As I said, I am a newbie too and I am still not sure if this will shut the auto bot of Avenger Trader taking my deposit away. Logically, the Avenger TRader bot should not be able to tarde on your account because it is off! Correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers!
  • TonyMTonyM Posts: 27
    'truthordare'.... It really doesn't matter if you just shut off your AT with Regal Op. They will let you trade manually with it,sure, but you probably won't be able to get your money out. Not trying to be negative here but crap products like the ATs usually align with crap brokers. MarketsWorld, Stockpair, and 24Option ( I think) are the ones they promote here as reliable brokers. You might want to try to withdraw your funds right away if you can but don't be surprised if they stall you for days, or claim someone traded in your behalf and lost it all (but not them, of course), or they just ignore your calls or's all standard procedure from the sh** broker play book. Hope I'm wrong. If you continue in b.options you have to learn to do it on your own.
  • TonyMTonyM Posts: 27
    'truthordare' Just to add about Regal Options. They are actually regulated but by Cysec in Cyprus, which as Lotz would put it: by a bunch of bankrupt goat molesters. They may not give you any problems with trading or withdrawing however, there are many complaints against other Cysec regulated brokers and Cysec seems powerless to really do much about it except hand out puny fines...if they actually even do that much. I still think you are better off with going with one of the brokers that this site recommends....
  • truthordaretruthordare Posts: 8
    thanks for the reply TonyM. I will try to withdraw my money and see what happens. I am still crawling out from all these. I just learned about this website lately. I am learning! Thanks! And I will only stay with the brokers recommended here in the future!
  • TonyMTonyM Posts: 27
    'truthordare' Glad to hear it. I was fortunate to not have lost money by any questionable brokers but I followed a lot of Koolaid info for almost a yr from people like Michael Freeman ( who has since admitted he is scamming everyone from newbies to b.options to brokers who were affil with him ) because he is a scam marketer. I was about to fund a couple accounts, one with his autotrader, but I just happened to keep checking the web and found this site. At first I was stunned by the neg comments against 'holy' brother Freeman but everything these people on this site claimed he was doing to scam people was true. In a month, credit to this site, Mike unraveled and 'came clean' that he is really only a marketer and he invites people to join him in his next enterprise: learning the business of lying, fake sites, etc to scam other naive people. You don't realize it but the internet is not established yet to over half the worlds population so there are a lot of opportunities still for criminals to dupe people of their cash. Too bad. Fortunately, you also found this site. There is a lot of good info here about strategy,etc. I'm taking the time to learn too. It will be worth it. Just remember to stay away from the ATs for binary; they're no good. Wish you well...
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