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  • 2gallus2gallus Posts: 17

    Yeh good luck with that.
    Can you ask Marcus (another scammer) to unlock my account please.

    Your getting slowly and cleverly "fleeced"


    John Cherry
  • magpiemagpie Posts: 15
    Message to bobs1uk. You have sent me a private message which is emailed to me by this forum. It has not been sent to my Facebook/ messenger as you seem to think. I can't respond in any way as you have requested to be removed from this site. You can't reply directly to the email, so no way of getting back to you. I may have sent you my number in a previous private message.
  • stowa99stowa99 Posts: 6
    I have just tried to login in, guess what? Login failed, absolutely sick. I emailed them in june to withdraw my 30K no response at all. Not hopeful regarding the payments this July. Very upset
  • WeAllTry1WeAllTry1 Posts: 6
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    Perhaps (highly unlikely) they are going to pay you your money on the 15th and as such, are closing your trading account. Please, if this happens, PLEASE come back here and report your positive experience. If not, please come back and let us all know we have no chance of getting our money so we can all proceed with the necessary legal apporach.

    Also, I see they've now got a (ha!) "automated service". Their number 0203 771 7230 no longer works. They said it's been automated from the 1st May, when in reality, this change happened this week, 2nd July, when "Andrew Burrows" went underground.
  • 2gallus2gallus Posts: 17

    I feel for you.


    This guy (stowa99) has just posted he/she wanted to withdraw their investment 30k
    That's with according to SM/CPT Terms and Conditions a 40% penalty on original investment.. Face the reality of the situation presently. There will be no positive outcome, There is no Andrew Burrows. We have been

    John Cherry
  • JenikelJenikel Posts: 1
    I spoke privately with a couple of forum members some time ago. I invested £80k in August last year via bank transfer. This whole thing has worried me sick. Literally. I ended up having a breakdown in June. That money is everything I have - paid following an accident that left me permanently disabled. I wanted to build on it to buy a property for myself and my children. I was told that it was a very low risk investment with guaranteed monthely profit of at least 2.02%. Sometimes it would be larger and some transactions would make a loss. But ultimately that would be minimun profits monthly. It stands at £130k at the moment. (They deposited a £20k bonus as soon as I opened the account). I was told I could not request a withdrawal for 12 months, but a withdrawal is showing for almost £4k that I haven't made! I am so very scared I have lost everything. I read up all i could find on them prior to investing and it was all positive - including forums and neespaper articles going back some 8 years or so. I am not a stupid woman. But now left feeling very ashamed and stupid... that money should have been security for my children. I'm hoping and praying all is not lost. My mind is so muddled at the moment, I can't even figure how/when I'm allowed to make a withdrawal (as I was told not for 12 months) and how far in advance I can request? I see some people have had payouts less than a year into their account. I've had nothing. It's taken me a month since my breakdown to even log on to see whats going on with it. Has anyone had any money back? I don't know what next step to take.
    There may be answers on the thread already and I apologise for not reading the whole thing - I can't take it all in so have skimmed over what I could digest.
    Thank you.
  • WeAllTry1WeAllTry1 Posts: 6
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    Sorry to hear that.

    Such stress can send anyone into a breakdown, or even worse.

    I'm in a similar situation where I put basically all my savings into it, hoping for a 2% growth each month. Wasn't looking to become a millionaire. Just a year or so before buying a house etc.

    Erm, as for next step, well technically you simply have to serve them notice that you want to withdraw your money at the end of your contract. But that notice needs to be served at least 60 days before your contract end date.

    The money that's been withdrawn (4k), you need to check the date on it, because after 6 months, they are entitled to take 10% of your profits, so if you invested 80k and you're upto 120k-ish, then 10% of the (40k profit) would roughly be the 4k they've withdrawn. That's within everyone's contract. It's how they're supposed to make their money (legal).

    What they don't tell you is at the 6 month period, you're entitled to get a dividends payout too. As long as you applied before the 15th June. But I'm sure if you did, you'd have probably seen your profits go balance go down from 130k to 70k (i.e. the potential scam! As you would then have no profit, thus wouldn't be entitled to a payout).

    What you need to do it find out the LENGTH of your contract with them (12months you said?) and the exact end date, and make sure you send them notice of your intention to close your account before those 60 days. If you let them know today, then technically you would have served notice. But then you'd also give them ample time to drain your account with conveniently "bad" trades. Hence, we're all stuck in a quandry here.
  • fboalfiefboalfie Posts: 6
    Hello team, has anyone seen any joy with dividends? I have no idea what will happen with mine as I applied for these before June 15th, per their requirements, but something tells me they will find all possible excuses not to pay out a penny. Fingers crossed!
  • Ruardean123Ruardean123 Posts: 9
    Everyone to my knowledge that applied for the dividend soon had all profits lost from there accounts, presumably so that CPT can avoid paying anyone. I stand to be corrected if anyone is still in profit?? Only genuine responses please, not CPT staff!!!
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