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  • carribean22carribean22 Posts: 3
    Okay....yeah this company is a scam guys..please stay away
  • carribean22carribean22 Posts: 3
    So is olymp trade a scam guys...please tell me to stay away from it fast
  • larry1812larry1812 Posts: 2
    I have been scammed by Strategy Markets since about a year ago for many 10's of k's of £ and have received nothing in return. I have informed my bank who advised may that I am unlikely to receive any money back and also told the fraud police who sent me a standard letter which does not give me much hope. These so called recovery agents also seem very dodgy. Hope these villains get caught soon.
  • TwixTwix Posts: 2
    I have been totally scammed by SM/CPT Trading having lost 60k invested over the past 18+ months and which included all of my savings plus my mortgage endowment payments and I feel utterly devastated. The Andrew Burrows character sounded so trustworthy and he has destroyed my faith in humanity and destroyed me financially. Not much more to be said at this point.
  • So sorry Twix. There is a whatsapp group you can join. Report them to Action Fraud .
  • dreamondreamon Posts: 17
    We started a Whatsapp group and are trying to do something. I have been contacting members of this forum on a regular basis but very few took the time to reply. If you want to join, please get in touch. If you think you are better off alone, good luck!
  • Absolutely agree Dream on. The more of us that get on board ,the better the chance we have of doing something. These "people" must not be allowed to get away with this.
  • TwixTwix Posts: 2

    So sorry Twix. There is a whatsapp group you can join. Report them to Action Fraud .

    Thanks. Have 'applied' to join the Facebook group and awaiting a response. Feeling sick to the guts now that what has happened is beginning to sink in
  • flossieflossie Posts: 2
    Hi, totally scammed as well £25000 pension lump sum invested to help pay off mortgage. I’m a widow with 2 kids . How can you join the whatsApp/ Facebook groups? X
  • FeelingpainFeelingpain Posts: 3
    Dream on. I have posted here before but removed my posts due to CPT blocking my so called account. I wanted to check what was going on with it. My story has been reported to Action Fraud along with all the details I had saved. Looking at Action Fraud details they supposedly only look into 2 in every 10 cases due to the amount of scams. Whenever I find any more information on CPT I send it to them. I don't always get a reply but like others I do have a case number. Like Twix I lost my mortgage endowments and savings along with my redundancy. A total of 82k.
    When the T and Cs of CPT are looked at they mention them using a law firm based in Israel. This was part of the information I sent to Action Fraud.
    I am not on Facebook or WhatsApp but would like to join the group. Can you contact me to let me know what is required to join the group.
  • ac13ac13 Posts: 1
    I was also scammed last June for £20000 after originally speaking to myles Peterson, still can’t believe I was sucked into this scam so easily..I’m really at a loss what to do now, tried logging on to cpt this morning but see that the site is down or disappeared of the face of the earth!!!
  • larry1812larry1812 Posts: 2
    Yes, same here, 'URL/not found' message is all you can get. I'm in process of joining Facebook action (see link in 'anonymous' post of 7 Sept on page 6 of this forum) for link. I also plan to join What's App action. Let's see if we can make these arseholes sweat a bit.
  • Root45Root45 Posts: 1
    Strategy Markets - pure scam. Now the same with CPT Trading Technologies.The site has disappeared taking all my funds. I contacted the FCA. What shall I say - about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. When I gave them the name of the payment processor, Netpay International, they'd not heard of it. If a bank has authorised payments through such a processor without warning the account holder - what is their liability? Netpay International have offices in UK, USA, Israel and Cyprus. The USA and Israel particularly do not deal with companies such as Strategy Markets. Also the information given by FCA was not entirely correct regarding the limited company behind Strategy as being New Power Gen Ltd. I'm unable to make any further comment on this matter. I'm sure there must be a 'legal beagle' in the UK who could give positive advice re: your card provider and Netpay International. Be positive.
  • FeelingpainFeelingpain Posts: 3
    This file attached is the Ts and Cs for CPT. On page 5 a law firm in Israel is mentioned. As I have still to join Facebook I do not know if the collective group of victims has maybe already tried to make contact with the law firm to investigate if there is any connection with CPT. Taking into account the extent of this scam I would doubt there being any chance of a link up with CPT.
    CPT Tand Cs.docx
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