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Hi maddog, I'd be a bit worried too if I were you. They seem to have disappeared after moving to Switzerland. Do they still contact you on a regular basis? Whom do (or did) you use to speak to? It would be interesting to know if it's the same person I have been dealing with. I'd be tempted to report them to the Swiss authority. To be fair I did not notice the RBS account, why do you think it's gonna make any difference? I am still unsure of what to do as well. As I said in my post, in theory, I should be allowed to withdraw my money in July giving them 2 months of notice. How and where I have to send that request I still don't know. None of the emails I sent to the people I initially talked to have been answered. Should I not be able to recover what is left of my money (assuming they won't wipe my account clear by July), I am exploring the possibility to get in touch with winchargeback.com. Let's keep in touch and see if we can join forces to find out more about Strategy Market


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