Why do you wish to live of Binary Option trading ?

OleboboOlebobo Posts: 108
I can tell you why I want to live from BO, or just trading....
...The last 8 years i have developed a lump inside my head of the size and look of a rasberry. This lump is making me dizzy all the time, and when i do fysical jobs, like mowing the lawn, i get very exhausted, and extreem dizzy....and i have to lay down for at least half hour before i can do anything again.
I am now living of a social income, while they are discussing if i have to go early retirement or if they want me to have a subsidised job.
I have always been very active...started a cleaning company, closed it....started up speakerproduction and development, and later also gear rental for concerts and festivals, and then i gave the company away 10 years later.
I have to say, that i am normally build, 184cm high and weigh 98 KGs...a little "powerhouse" haha !
So...why do you think that i whant to learn HOW to trade ???
Well...first of all, i dont want to sit and look at my windows all day, and second, i really would like to get rid of my social income, and manage by my self.
But it is very limited what i can do !!!
I CAN sit by my PC and make trades for aprox 20-30 min, before i have to do something else, and i repete that 3-4 times a day. So 3 years ago, i started learning CFD, BO and Forex...but CFD and Forex needs concentration and survailance ALL THE TIME, i never left my PC, and it did really not give a really profitable profit...
But BINARY OPTIONS made the blod pump in me...i have tried all timeframes, but 60 second trade is what i do now...I make 1000-5000 $ a day trading 5 sessions a day.....
I hope i can pull it through.....and the best of luck to all out there.


  • OleboboOlebobo Posts: 108
    Unfortunately i was one of those people that got scammed a couple of years ago, and believed a brokers sweet talk. But, when one has tasted the very bitter taste of beeng robbed, one can either quit or keep up the fight.... I am in the last categori.
    I think i have lost my share now, so it is time for me to pick up the gold dust, and i am really doing it !!!
    The reason i dont call BO gambling is that i am using minut by minut support and resistance lines, and they change minut by minut...automatically !
    No one has the skills to make SU and RE lines all the time, there will be no time for trading, then ?
    This is a very powerfull tool....love it
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 605 mod
    that's crazy, I use static lines I draw myself and have never had one fail me.
  • OleboboOlebobo Posts: 108

    that's crazy, I use static lines I draw myself and have never had one fail me.

    How often do you update your lines ? Do you make your lines on a 1 min chart, or ?
  • TrezoTrezo Posts: 38
    Binary Options can make you a successful man. But determination and understanding of the trade is necessary. It is also necessary to have a back-up plan. There are always rainy days in this world. If you have made some cash in BO, then invest it in some other ventures as well.
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 35
    I have huge plans related to trading on the Binary Options market. I do not use any indicators while trading but I just rely on the money management. I am a scalper as I have the guts to take risks for good and quick rewards. Never leave the money management plan!
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 35
    I think binary options trading is the way of earning money quickly. It is the way to observe your luck whether you are made for earning money or not. If you have a good luck with you then you can be a star trader sooner rather than later. Thanks!
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 605 mod
    I want to live off trading because going to work sucks. I'm not a good employee, I have a bad attitude with people who tell me what to do. ;-)
  • JBinary672JBinary672 Posts: 4
    I'm working and placing only a few trades per day and I am making some extra bucks.
  • Ynniv7Ynniv7 Posts: 2
    I thinks I will be able to give a better quality of life for my family. Also, I will be able to help more ppl.
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