How to file a case with Winchargeback and get your money back!

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These people can help you recover your funds if you were wrongly duped by a broker. Feel free to comment and join in the discussion on how this may work for those that were scammed.


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  • Hi, This is Danny from WinchargeBack. Please feel free to share any experiences that you have had with any of the binary company's. I will do my best to get back to you and assist you with the recovery of your money!!
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    Hi Danny,just looking for support to get back my funds from Traders King platform.Thank you very much in advance! Darius
  • DaVychi said:

    Hi Danny,just looking for support to get back my funds from Traders King platform.Thank you very much in advance! Darius

    Hi DaVychi, Good to hear from you. Please go to and fill out a contact form. Mark in the summary that we spoke here on so i can watch out for your message. I look forward to speaking with you, Danny
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    I contacted Winchargeback about one month ago with very little hope of getting any of my money back after I was Scammed by Optionrally / ScalaTrade. From the moment I contacted Winchargeback, Megan was very helpful and today I could enjoy a very good amount of my money back in my account. They are very professionals and they know these SCAMMERS inside out. Thank you very much Rebecca and especially MEGAN!!!
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    tell us more about what they did for you please.
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    Is this really working?
  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 544 mod
    Well, I had someone tell me they were charged $50 to have a case opened, and then was told it wasn't worth pursuing because the account was only $250. No refund was given.
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    I was lost and Megan at was my saving grace.

    In late December 2016 I found by sheer luck while browsing for information about a binary options company that I suspected was scamming me out of my life savings. I was getting desperate as the feeling I had made a very grave mistake was growing in the pit of my stomach :( I was pleasantly surprised and relieved when Megan at Winchargeback contacted me and put my mind (and stomach) at ease. Megan and the team at winchargeback were so proffessional and confident with her guidance that I was more than hopeful for a positve outcome. Megan guided me through every step and worked with me to recover my savings. I am OVER JOYED to report that about a month after contacting Winchargback we were successful in recovering 100% of my investment!!! I could not have done it without WInchargeback, my saving grace. Megan and her team are truly Angels. Feel free to contace me if you would like to verify my testimony [email protected]
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    I joined ubinary early January via a company called Tesla. I loaded account with minimum $250. The Tesla site was down so could not place any binary options. Within seconds I was called by Ubinary accounts manager saying if I could put in another $250 I would get a bonus. I said "No thanks, quite happy to dabble" but he took it from my bank account anyway, which I didn't find out until later. I then get another phone call from an ultra aggressive woman saying she had a great trade and if she could find me another $1,500 and trade I would get $3,400. I again said "No thanks" She then sent me an email asking for authorization to take $1,500 from my bank account. I phoned her and said I didn’t want to proceed, when I checked my bank account she had taken it anyway. I phoned her again and said I wanted my money back, she said "Too late, I've placed the trade" and hung up, she was beyond rude.. Needless to say the trade lost and I lost $1,750, I was prepared to lose the initial $250. Tried to contact their office using phone number on their site, sat on the phone for 35 minutes, no answer. She also said the minimum "investment" was $2,000 which again was a lie as it was $500. So she stole and she lied. These people she be closed down. I would appreciate any hep here,
    Thanking you in anticipation,
    Tony Rawlings
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    WinChargeback worked well for me after a Forex scam. Binary is just another form of the same scam. Since the contact with Forex I've had loads of emails about other Forex trading schemes, these have now progressed on to binary options promotions - many from the same email address (but you need to look at the senders details, I've even had one seemingly from Amazon - on inspection this was actually from an email address ending in 'advertising-cheaper'. If you haven't tried Forex or Binary then leave them well alone, if you have you will loose your money, then your best bet is to go to WinChargeback.
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    Yes I was stupid! Decided to try, who offered for me 2 brokers, I choose In the first place I was linked to deposit page, once I made my deposit, I realized, the bonus system they use, but it was too late. had a technical issues and automatic bidding did not work. I decided to end in the same day and take out my deposit, after withdraw request there is no feedback. Every day they add bonus money to my account and that is all. I do not ask anything more that my deposit back, but keeping it from side is just a theft!
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    BTW, as binaryoptionsrobot sent out only signals, I decided not to trade but analyse their signals a bit, result was sad - 40% correct predictions.
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    These robots work with and FOR the broker. If they make you money it means they are giving you money out of their own pockets.
    They make money off of you, your losses. People think they can deposit through a robot then sit back and see their accounts growing out of thin air.
    Like I said, there is a big conflict of interest there and therefore, these robots are scams.
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    Omenda is operated by Claripeak Ltd,CEDAR HILL CREST, VILLA, KINGSTOWN, VC0100 St, Vincent and the Grenadines on the same address registered Loyal Bank Head Office (Crest Villa, Cedar Hill, VC 0100, St Vincent and the Grenadines), some reviews from Google ratings:
    - A bank to flee it keeps your $$$ when you request closing accounts with document reasons! It always lacks papers for motivated that it does not return your $$$ ... Requires proof for all incoming / outgoing! Loss of time with Loyal Bank !!! And impossible to make quibbling payments for all oppression ... Never again

    - We confirm the behavior of Loyal Bank we have the same problem you! Three months we are unable to recoup our account balance for a service cloture.

    Find 10 differences!
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    I just discovered omenda use my account for trading, I did not visited trading room and never used 15$ investments. There should be enough material for lawyers I think.
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  • ShahjiShahji Posts: 1

    I invested a substantial amount of my hard earned money with a binary options trader who then scammed me. I tried several avenues to try and recover my investments, but my pleas and threats fell on deaf years. I was really disheartened….until I found about WinChargeback. I got in touch and was connected to Megan.

    From the very first interaction, Megan was a very calming influence. She was very empathetic and listened patiently to my experiences. She told me I was not alone and that she would do everything she could to help me. Thereafter she was extremely professional and considerate in guiding me diligently through next steps, and helped me be extremely robust in my dealings with the Company.

    It was a real partnership and collaboration with Megan and together we succeeded…but Megan and WinChargeback deserve all the credit. And YES, we got a 100% REFUND.

    If you have been scammed like I was, get in touch with them NOW!

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