Should i go for a real account ?

I think of startibg with 500 usd and 10 % for each new position
I started with 10k virtual and made 142k in 14 hours


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,278 admin
    I think you should start with 100K and make 100 million in 10 hours.
    Just kidding :). You should demo trade for at least a month or longer.
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 41
    Some people without learning about the market and without knowing how to trade they are trying to make a real account this is a very bad habit. From this bad habit they always lose their money than said forex is not good for trading. You must have a full grip in forex before starting the trade than you might be able to make a real account.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    If you have done strong practice and gained good confidence from the demo trading and learning then you are ready to join the live traders by making your own account. I would like to advise you to invest low in order to test your abilities at the beginning with real money. Stay profitable!
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