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Should i go for a real account ?

I think of startibg with 500 usd and 10 % for each new position
I started with 10k virtual and made 142k in 14 hours


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    I think you should start with 100K and make 100 million in 10 hours.
    Just kidding :). You should demo trade for at least a month or longer.
  • Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    Some people without learning about the market and without knowing how to trade they are trying to make a real account this is a very bad habit. From this bad habit they always lose their money than said forex is not good for trading. You must have a full grip in forex before starting the trade than you might be able to make a real account.
  • JiglerJigler Posts: 71
    If you have done strong practice and gained good confidence from the demo trading and learning then you are ready to join the live traders by making your own account. I would like to advise you to invest low in order to test your abilities at the beginning with real money. Stay profitable!
  • RussellNixonRussellNixon Posts: 4
    Yes, but after more practice, you should go real account.
  • abbasrizvi918abbasrizvi918 Posts: 1
    There is a huge difference between demo trading and the real money. Me and my friend started trading at the same time. I remember he was sitting by my side when we started with a demo account. In just 30mins, we made 45k. I was like damn we can get rich easily. but I was wrong. Blame it psychologically or whatever but the fact is you need months of practice before you can go to real money or else you loose it
  • RussellNixonRussellNixon Posts: 4
    You if you have the best confidence then I think you should go real money.
  • LiverekhLiverekh Posts: 24
    It depends on your confidence level and your experience. If you have spend enough time on the demo account with some profit then you can surely move on to the real account. There are some differences between demo and real account, so always invest less for the first time. Thanks!
  • KeriusKerius Posts: 40
    Never go into real account trading before you feel confident enough and familiar with how the market works. For a start, trade on demo for at least one month as you learn more and more, then go for a micro account to test how you tradewith real money. If your performance is impressive and you feel ready to chew the bones, go for it.
  • YozshujindYozshujind Posts: 87
    Not until you feel confident enough to do so. There are slight differences between trading on demo and a real account, so I suggest that instead of rushing into live trading, try a micro account first to get experience with real money where you can feel the risk
  • LiverekhLiverekh Posts: 24
    It is best to start on mini or cent account. Just give yourself time as you need to get accommodated to new trading environment and maybe some new emotions that will pop up during your winning or losing trade, as you will be now dealing with real money
  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    No, do not go for a real account until you are satisfied with the results of your demo account. Demo trading is very useful as it forms the basis of your trading journey.. If you want the real experience of trading, then go for a cent or micro account before trading on a real account
  • HulapointikHulapointik Posts: 46
    You always need to start with a demo, otherwise you risk losing money on a real account. You just need to immediately determine the purpose of work on a demo account and it is to understand how the market works, to feel yourself in it. Once you figure it out, it’s important to switch to real money trading, but only on condition that you have been successful in the demo. If not, then this makes no sense, because you just lose money. Well, it depends on inner confidence, if you feel that you are not ready, then nothing will be succesfull.
  • Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    I think you can work with real money, but don't expect you to make such an incredible profit. There is a market, and when you trade with real money, you may be prevented by emotions, such as fear. And in general, everything can go a little bit wrong with the plan you have planned for yourself. In general, your results are impressive and commendable, do not forget to share your successes. I really like to look at the statistics and see real growth. This is the real motivation in action. If it's not a pity, share your strategy on how you managed to achieve such results, maybe we will learn something new.
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