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SystemSystem Posts: 164 admin
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-Minimum Deposit: $100
-Regulated?: Yes by CySEC
-Scam?: No, OptionTime is trusted by
-Platform Software: Keystone
-Mobile app?: No but there is a mobile friendly website
-Free Demo Account?: No

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    ruwadruwad Posts: 2
    I've signed up with them 2 days ago and made a deposit of 100$ to test them..,
    Immediately after signed up their agent contacted me to know how much am i willing to start with and we arranged a date to make the deposit and we made it while he was on the phone with me and activated a 4 day Demo account, and the next day their trading specialist called me to to what i'm up to also their online chat is very good and helpful so as far as it goes with customer support i'd give them 9/10 .
    Their Platform....
    considering they are a new brand in the BO world , 70 assets is acceptable but the main problem is their expiry times ...., there is no end of day expiry , so basically u have xx:15, xx:30 , xx:45 , xx:00 , and 1 or 2 hours expiry from now depends on the asset traded .. which i guess isnt very flexible so if you want to reconsider something before registering with them i believe it would be their platform ..., all in all i would give it 7/10 ..
    but thats just me so if you want to give it a try i believe you wont be disappointed ...
    Best of luck and i hope one way or another i've helped you.
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    mrsbearmrsbear Posts: 43
    I have an account with Optiontime and a lot of the time (volatility and big news days) they reduce the expiry times to 30 and 00 only and cut out 15 and 45, making it nigh-on impossible to trade. Def. wouldn't recommend them.
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    holyfire_germanyholyfire_germany Posts: 29 ✭✭
    my favourite broker. fast payout - really.
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    mrsbearmrsbear Posts: 43
    I have an account with them and the main downside is that much of the time, without warning, they withdraw the 15 minute expiry times (15 and 45) leaving only 00 and 30 with a 10 minute cut-off to place the trade instead of the usual 5 minutes. For people like me trading short-term (but not turbo) strategies, this makes the platform unusable much of the time. I asked their chat why they do this and they said "market conditions".
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