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Conservative Long-term Strategy


I am looking at a strategy that was posted here on this site a few years ago by Mikko. It is called the Conservative Long-term Strategy.
I have downloaded the indicators and the template to my MT4, but I have a question I hope some of you expirienced trades can help med with.

In the top part of the article, Mikko writes that we must Draw the Fibo from the last Zig-Zag points, and wait for the price to reach 161.8
My question is: how do I draw the fibo correctly? Should it be from the higest price to the lowest or what? I don't understand his explanation, and the Picture he has on the post is not big enough for me to see how he did it.
I am a newbie, and would very much appreciate if an expirienced trader could clarify this for me. Thanks in advance.

Hope you understand my question.

I have placed a link to the original article below.

Cheers Michael


  • fearnbinfearnbin Posts: 2
    Hi Michael, you drag the fib between the lines that the zig zag leaves. I'll send some example picks to your email if you like?
  • unknownunknown Posts: 24
    Sorry to dig up an old post but this strat caught my eye. I cant seem to get the regression indicator to work though. anyone can help?
  • ArchymayArchymay Posts: 5
    I hope this strategy is effective. I would want to try long term strategy. I hope it works.
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