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Hello im a self employed portfolio manager, and i personally use base2trade as my brokerage firm as i can get the best possible incentives that anyone can offer on the binary options market. I am 100% commited to making my clients money and some have already walked away in profit with base2trade.

All this negative input from people that obvs know sweet fa about the company makes me laugh. They dont even have the balls to post my comments on the forum itself which is even more hilarious, when id be more then happy to help anyone.

A lot of binary option firm get bad press because people dont read the terms and conditions when excepting a bonus, although you should be told about them, its your job to know what your getting yourself into. You think your just going to get free money for nothing?? come on guys...

like i say im happy to help anyone thats having issues or is looking to make serious money as i can give you the best possible incentives available to maximise your chances of success.
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