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Nadex 5 min Binary Options with a 1 pip spread and they charge commissions = GO ____ YOURSELVES!

lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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Once again NADEX shows how corrupt they are in pricing of options with their new 5 min expires not only do they charge a commission but they also want a 1 pip spread built in... I will have video reviews on them in the future of 5 min Nadex vs 5 min Binary Options based brokers like Markets World... The only advantage I could see is if you can have early exits on trades but I am sure they GREEDY american options market makers will take away any advantage for retail there as well... They are quick to call offshore brokers a SCAM, how about you overcharging customers and market makers trading vs retail? I think that is a SCAM too imo... Of course Nadex does not know what spreads are that you talk of? LoL they put in the word ROUNDING instead too funny.. Price is Price everything will show there later on and I will have live video to show the + and - of how it REALLY WORKS...


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    JohanJohan Posts: 10
    This happens when the law was constructed to give you a monopoly on the market.

    The whole problems with offshore brokers scamming USA traders is because all the legit offshore brokers left or are afraid of accepting USA traders. So now USA traders are left with the scam brokers and NADEX, which has a monopoly.

    Why can't they just license and regulate additional brokers? - Did anyone seriously think that giving a license to only one single company is a good idea?
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