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Breakout Strategy For Spot Forex Trading

SystemSystem Posts: 164 admin
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    danottydanotty Posts: 1
    Hello Mikko

    I enjoyed reading your articles. Pretty systematic and informative. Can you be contacted privately?
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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    Hi danotty - Mikko has not been on the forums for a while. Is there anything any of us can help with?
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    putcallfxputcallfx Posts: 1
    These articles are very interesting reading and helpful. I am having trouble finding the Regression (COG) Indicator for MT4. Can anyone help with this. Many thanks.
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    thebotarmorthebotarmor Posts: 49
    I am much into breakouts on a trend basis, recently studying more and more about it. Here is a free indicator for session breakouts that you might want to check:

    It gives both trend confirmation and breakout confirmation on multi currencies.

    Deromra Tob
    Bot Armored
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    calebfxcalebfx Posts: 3
    Hi thank you so much, I have often said the best systems are free. Please, I didn't really get the "Now, draw 2 other horizontal lines 5 pips above and below your existing lines. Then calculate 15 pips above and below those new horizontal lines, and redraw 2 more horizontal lines." Plus if you don't mind giving a brief calculation how to make a million bucks with just earning 900 pips, is it 900 pips every day for 60 days? Thank you.
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    calebfxcalebfx Posts: 3
    Plus in your previous post . I understood the aggressive strategy but did not really understand the conservative and semi-conservative strategy, if you don't mind explaining, I wish you do a video for your strategies it will explain things a lot easier.
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    BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    Are looking to trade Forex Bins or Both?
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    calebfxcalebfx Posts: 3
    I am looking to trade both BryanMac, the charts are not clear for example on the Forex London open chart I don't know if it is the 5 min chart or 15 min chart. Sorry for late reply had internet issues.
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    mjahidulmjahidul Posts: 1
    nice story ..
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