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IG Markets and Nadex?

moyesmoyes Posts: 23
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Is IG Markets a binary options brokers like Nadex and do any of you use them?


  • TripackTripack Posts: 28
    Yes, but unlike Nadex IG is also it's own liquidity provider (market maker),
  • BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    On the subject of Nadex, Next Monday they are supposed to be offering 5 min expiry. Since I am still a few days away from being able to go live again, I will be doing a walkthru of NADEX and there 5 min expiry over in live chat.
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  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Cool, imo Nadex is a WASTE OF TIME because they are charging both a spread and commission along with the market makers are mostly working for IG and yes both are owned and operated by IG and both employee market makers which is why their pricing overall is so far off statistically, that and because its so unattractive they simply don't have much liquidity as people quickly figure out that NADEX SUCKS A$$. Remember there are other factors you have to include like time decay in your trades on many of the products of Nadex and just like most american style options they are only great if you are a market maker not a trader... But I think that is great you are going to take the time do test them out and you can see real time the positive and negatives of their new 5 min options. Which first thing I noted is in their language they will have a 1 pip spread to start with on the 5 min options. I never liked them because they simply overcharge and you don't get your bang for the buck as you do with straight digital/binary options... But the new 5 min options well lets see what Bryan's results are and maybe we could have a new solution from them that is winning to trade! One benefit of Nadex is they are regulated by the NFA/CFTC = your money is as safe as it gets...
  • gatsby2016gatsby2016 Posts: 30
    for long term options they are good; Lotzofbotz is correct that they charge "comissions" but it's effectively 1.8$ per contract, capping off at I think 9$ (check website for most current) the thing is; the spreads created by the "market makers" are about on par with foreign brokers, however you have a lot more options; instead of simply up or down, you can risk less to gain more if you predict a major move, or you can risk more to gain less if you buy deep ITM; you can also exit and enter trades at partial loss/gain. As for the 5 min binaries; I've only demoed them; being able to enter/exit early is good if there is a major movement in your favor, however the problem is, there are only 3 levels of contracts as of right now; meaning often times an ideal "contract" that is close to ITM is not availible, either forcing the trader to risk more to gain less fairly ITM or go deeper OTM to get a good contract price; Being CFTC regulated, your money is about as safe in nadex as it is in your local bank, which no other offshore broker can claim period. People I talk to that are succesful on nadex basically say there is no reason for foreign brokers period, but I see both sides of it; Nadex=more security, more options once you have a contract and more options to profit deeper off of major movement, and the possiblity of making spread contracts Offshores; always offer a consistent contract at (close to) the same price no matter what the market conditions, and also offer way more short term options. Both have their advantages and disadvantages
  • moyesmoyes Posts: 23
    Just checking in to see if anyone has any experience with IG Markets or HighLow broker in Australia? Would you recommend IG Markets?
  • ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
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    IG Markets are a very reputable company. You won't have any problems withdrawing from them.
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2015
    For raw #s the MMs on Nadex/IG are kunts to me that spread the price too much and the amount of effort vs return to be able to effectively find the right #s well is not worth the effort. You have many factors with Nadex such as understanding time decay/floor&ceilings/ImpVol on and on. You really should understand the greeks to get the right edge in your favor. After you understand them you would say "Oh hell no way I am going to waste my phucking time to fight with them to get paid.. " Not because you can't make money but in short and simple form the european digital options are straight up more profitable vs nadex PERIOD... and Nadex 5 min expires can GO SUK A DIK.. 100% trash used to smoke N00bs.. Now if you can't see any of what I said as valid you likely don't know sh*t about really making money trading so if you disagree with me you can GFYS! Because I am 100% correct...

    Get it? Got it? Good!
  • Blue Sky BinaryBlue Sky Binary Posts: 157 ✭✭
    Hi traders,

    Also to add, I'm sure everyone knows but Nadex and IG markets are subsidiaries of IG Group. Same company.

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  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Thank you, yes they are the SAME company just one operates in the U.S. with legal jurisdiction to offer like products. They do have some differences though with expiry times and the assets they offer compared to IG Markets which is overseas outside of the U.S.. Also there are similar companies trying to compete with them. why I don't know as its such a waste of time imo vs digital options. Still you do have choices outside of them. Do some gOOgling around and see what you find.
  • Blue Sky BinaryBlue Sky Binary Posts: 157 ✭✭
    Hi yes,

    As a group we haven't looked into Nadex in detail. Personally we like Spot Option's platform and there are some legitimate brokerages out there using them over here in Europe. I also found it interesting that Cantor Exchange is spot option backed, albeit with low asset availability? Panda platform also receives a lot of good feedback from an asset availability/execution perspective; I just wish more a few more regulated brokerages would use it.

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