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Hi, I could do with some advice if you dont mind.
I've only just found this site on the weekend, and oh how I wish I had found it earlier, anyway.
I signed up with Mikes Autotrader middle of last week thinking I had made a good choice after researching on different sites, which now I find out were mainly his own.
I registered with Titantrade and the autotrader hasnt work properly since (and received no support as yet), which is a blessing from the sounds of things.
I've only just started with binary options and thought it would be a good way to learn more and to bring in some profit at the same time by using the autotrader, so much for that idea.
Now this is hard to admit, but I think I may have excelled in being naive and stupid. I also registered with Paul Applegarth's One click autotrader ( with UKoptions ), thinking that having both I would have all the bases covered (shtforbrains).
I only got my first opportunity to trade with that one today, but having read some of the comments here, now I'm too scared to push the click to activate button being unsure of what would happen next??.
So it looks like I have two trading accounts, and I dont know how to trade very well by myself, so If anyone has any suggestions and or strategies I may be able to try, anything.
I would be so greatful for the help, thanks.


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    samkris94samkris94 Posts: 20
    Withdraw all the money if you can. Open a demo account in marketsworld and try out the strategies listed on this website and Check out videos by Brian from "Financial Trading School" on YouTube. Quite boring but very informative. If you want to use a signal service while you practice different strategies, use signalpush.
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    Robbo - I echo the good advice that samkris94 has given you. I could maybe just add that now would not be a very good time to trade because of the holiday season. Rather wait till next year, it's only a couple of days more.

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    RobboRobbo Posts: 4
    Thanks guys, that make sense. I have started the withdrawal process with Titantrade, will see how that goes.
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