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An open response to Michael Freeman

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Dear Michael Freeman (to name a few: a.k.a. “watch dog”, a.k.a. “binary options pimp”, a.k.a. “binary options channel”):

It appears after we received the “Best Signals Provider” award for 2014 and you received the “Evil Marketing Award” for 2014, you have decided to personally come after us and threaten us. Normally we would not respond to such an attack but this particular situation is only spreading false information in attempts to drive traffic to your own business endeavors, which have been commented on at the below links:

This will be our only non-legal reach out attempt to address your comments. This has also been posted on open forums, not controlled by us, for all to see.

First, about your actions:
  • Your comments are false, defamatory, and illegal under both US and Israeli law
    • Specifically in Israel, according to the Israel Defamation (Prohibition) Law, defamation may constitute both a civil wrong and a criminal offense
  • You have yourself and your other personalities posting fake comments. Below are just two examples found in less than 5 seconds of looking
    • “Daniel Miller”, aka zetaroog80, aka freemantwitts, aka Michael Freeman
    • Fiverr actor, “Samantha Marvel”, aka Allie Madison (
    • After speaking with Allie, it has come to our attention that you have used her content without her permission and created an entire fake website around her. She is not involved in the website and the “Samantha” on the website is actually you. Which makes sense of course because “she” is promoting your services.
    • " Back in January, a man named Mike ordered my gig and sent me a script. I filmed it, and that was that. I have had no contact since then, until today when I sent him messages on a few of his accounts so he is bound to get it. Other than filming as an actress, I have had no involvement. It was his responsibility to make it clear that I am an actress. I'm obviously annoyed that my content was used to promote this sort of an operation so I have demanded its removal, but like I said, all I did in this was read a script.”
    • Allie has emailed you demanding removal of her video, content, and to stop using her content for your fake posts.
About your comments and some general information about SignalPush:
  • We are a signal marketplace and technology company
    • Similar concept to Amazon/iTunes
    • The providers set their pricing and we take 30%
  • We have downloadable software that clients can use to receive their signals
    • The clients have full control over turning the copy feature on and off and have many features to help them with risk management, including (but not limited to) a balance stop feature
    • All copying comes from the clients own machine and not from our servers
    • We do not know or have access to client platform login information. It never even touches our servers.
  • Our signal providers are independent contractors.
    • We verify their identity
    • We require past performance results that we can verify with the platform
    • They sign an agreement stating they are not allowed to have deals with any platform where they profit from client losses
    • If a provider receives a large number of complaints and constantly demonstrates damaging performance, we will ban them
    • We do our best to make sure any banned providers do not come back under a different name, we’ve blocked many attempts
  • We are not a scam in any way
    • It’s in our best interest for providers to do well and clients succeed
    • Unfortunately there will be providers that just don’t do well but we don’t hide those results. They are there for clients to see before they sign up
  • We always respond to any support ticket email.
  • We are an independent, third party, service that publishes full transparency results. If a signal provider is not a good performer, you will see it.
  • Our “verified” platforms are not scams to our knowledge.
    • We do our due diligence before adding them as a verified platform.
    • 2 out of 3 of our verified platforms are regulated in their areas.
    • Our clients get their money.
    • If any clients have an issue with a verified platform, we intervene and assist. If we are unable to assist and the client, that platform is in violation of our verified platform agreement where they have promised us to take care of the clients and provide for quick withdrawals. They are then removed from our verified list.
    • Clients asked for the ability to receive free signals, thus, we arranged standard affiliate agreements with our verified platforms.
    • When a client joins a platform through our link, we receive a CPA. We then give the clients $200 worth of free signals, of their choosing. This is paid to the providers just as if a client had paid with their credit card.
    • We do not force a client to use a particular platform to receive signals. When they choose to copy to their platform, in order to help make sure the signal details match, the clients are restricted to which platforms they can use but they have several choices.
  • You can read an interview with us from LeapRate, a respected news sources
If you continue your actions and do not retract your defamatory statements, we will proceed with our next actions.


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