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Big option SCAM too many complaints



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    I would make sure to call your bank and inform them to block any unauthorized charges, though I doubt they will charge your card without talking to you first. I am sure they will be trying to contact you to deposit with one of there super dope brokers who will make you lots of money! LoL when they do don't pick up the phone or respond to their emails if you are smart. I would simply stay away from this broker too many complaints.
  • LeehLeeh Posts: 2
    Thank you so much ,I thought that maybe they'll take my money without my authority .
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    This is why you never communicate with them on the phone no matter if they call you like a psycho ex girlfriend 20 times in a day trying to get ahold of you lol. Always communicate through email and never agree to a few things they will throw at you
    #1 A broker/Analyst that will trade on your behalf, they make money when you lose so they just want to lose your money so they can keep it.

    #2 Bonuses which are generally just traps for newbie traders as they want you to trade not knowing what you are doing as often as possible so you can lose your money and again since they profit when you lose they get to keep it.

    Once you are aware of this you can avoid a bad scene where you get SCAMMED!
  • Binary options trading has never been an easy industry. Although there are a few outstanding, simple and easy web-based platform, like BigOption and more, you have to do your research. It's an all-or-nothing industry, and you have to do your homework, learn the trading signals, the charts and all the other education tools at your disposition. Indeed, many complaints are going viral on the net and some brokers have tried to address this issue by giving their own opinions.

    I registered with BigOption and lost quite a sum of money, reason was that I allowed them to trade on my behalf, until I decided to make my own market research and trade myself. Now I'm slowly recuperating the sum I lost and trying to make profits.
  • How long will these complaints continue to escalate? Like I don't even know how y'all are experience such "bad services" with bigoption when I have been trading for 3 years with them without any issue. I'm in control of my trades and the account manager cannot do anything. I win trade and lose trade, but for the past 18 months I've been happy with the extra income I've been making from home on my iPad. Like Viviana said, binary options trading is not an easy market. You have to put in some extra effort and educate yourself with the learning material that's at your disposition...
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    Look its common sense odds are you are a marketer or work for the broker. The number of complaints on them floating around is high because of that fact stay away from them. Its the companies own fault for their bad reviews and yes from what you can see just by doing a small amount or research they DESERVE them for cheating customers as many other brokers do.

    Oh yeah you have multiple IDs and your email states YANDEX? You work for YANDEX and what is their connection to BigOptions? Does the group own both firms? Again trust nobody people like this are here to misguide you.

    List of brokers that have better reviews and are more trustworthy ---> <---
  • dannyboydannyboy Posts: 6
    This is my story with big Option:

    I am an man of 63 years old who live in the Québec, Canada. My English is very good and in last april I have seen a pub on your AutoTrading Robot. I am retired 15 years ago and my wife was very sick and at the hospital. I was amazed by your video. I have filled your form and 10 mins after I have received a phone call of Marie Jeannot from France. I tell her that I wanted to try the ATR and she ask me to deposit 1001$US in my account. I do it by credit card. Fifteen mins later I received a call of a french people Diego Costa. He said me that for work with the ATR, I need to be gold member and to put 1500$ in my account. I do it immediately the 08/04/15. It was the last contact with Diego Costa. One hour after I received a call of Lindsey Taylor, she want that I add 2500$ more to trade big events and I can have a bonus. I refused and ask to talk to a french people, prefer with Diego. No answer from Diego.
    It was not Diego who call me but Daniel Buckley (English man who can speak french, we were the 10th april). But for him, he is not trading with 5 but 50 000$, and I can make in a few months 10 000$/month.

    In August I write to the support: Next: I don't wanted to have Daniel Buckley as manager, I don't need this kind of people. This individual is a person who loves handled, laugh at others, in short, use all means to achieve his terms. I just wanted to invest for the robot. He took it all means to me that I indebted and make me invest US $ 50,000. Then after, no more news for 3 weeks. He could call me up to 3-4 times a day for more and more money. I call it harassment. And I have no contol on my account. I am VIP now (I never want that). You will find in option all conversation between him and me on Skype. Find somebody to translate it. Look on the trades that he is doing: he makes all in 3 minuts and after that he forgets you. 18,000$ on EUR/USD (I have had 8000$US in July), 14 000$ on Bank of America, 8,000$ on AUD/USD, 8000$ on USD/JPY, 6 000$US on Facebook and 5800$ on eBay, a child of 7 years old can do the same. This man is dangerous for trading.
    I WANT 100% OF CONTROL ON MY ACCOUNT. AND BE SURE THAT I WILL NEVER REINVEST WITH YOU. Daniel make me a lot of promises, but the looser was me.
    At the end of the month my balance was of 43 000$ that I want to withdraw. He call me, tell me that he was outside and he give me 6000$ of withdrawal. The rest of the money he place it in trade at long term. After that I have passed one other month without news, send messages by chat but no messages.

    At the end of september my balance was of 42 100$ and I asked a withdrawal. The first day of october I have received a call from Peter Thompson. I asked him to trade with the ATR but he refused, he has cancelled my withdrawal and give me 5000$ on my credit card. The next day he was loosing 5000$ on the gold in less than 24 hours.(see file gold). I was furious, try to call him, no answer. At the end of october my balance was of 58 575$US. I have asked a withdrawal of 30 000$US, On the 2th november he call me and tell me he can do better and don't withdraw the 30 000$, I made arrangement with him that he can trade with 50 000$ and I can withdraw 8575$US.
    Two days later, he has changed the password ( I can not have access to the site because I never received it in my e-mail) cancel the 2 withdrawals and begin to trade with the ladder at 15:20, until 16:09 and have lost 42 trades of 500$. After he has gone to Binary Option, he has made 19 trades of 2000$ each and sold 16 of them, not because it was dangerous but because they were all finished at 23:00 (7hours after) and he can't have the control on them. For finish he come back to the ladder at 16:35 to finish to lost 5 trades from 500-1000 $ and the last one 100$ until my balance was at 58.65$ How can you explain than a senior trader can lost 70 trades of 500-2000$US and he lost 58500$ in 50 minuts. How a trader can lost 70 trades in 50 min? Especially when Peter sells for $ 32,000 of Binary Option 6.5 hours before the end of the trade.

    I have written many time to the investigation department and they give me 2 times the same this answer:Jim Davis replied:

    Dear Daniel Germain,

    Thank you for contacting BigOption Investigation Department.

    Kindly note that your account balance is $ 58.65 and there are 6 trades which are still in the opening positions.
    You will have to wait for the trades to be expired then the Expert will continue trading for you.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.
    Should you have any more queries, we will be more than happy to assist you.

    Jim Davis
    Customer Support Representative

    They protect their traders and are not here for customer. Now, I am loosing 35000$US (my money) because a crazy trader.

    If you like to loose your money go with BIGOPTION scam.
  • JackFoxJackFox Posts: 2
    Big Option just stole $6,000 from me. In under a year, I was passed between five brokers. Finally, after losing money through them, I got a call from a "Peter Thompson" who promised to turn my account around and provide better service. He lost 12 consecutive trades by an egregious amount, draining the remainder of the account. I'm convinced these trades never took place, and were entirely fabricated to cover the fact that the money was out and out stolen.

    I'm seeking a solution to the issue, but I have no idea who can help me with this outrageous act of theft. I'm in the US, btw.
  • JackFoxJackFox Posts: 2
    Leeh said:

    I've already registered with them,they have my banking details buy I haven't deposited the money yet,what can I do to protect my money or to prevent them from taking my money....please help now am worried because of your comments about this broker

    Do not accept any bonuses from them. Do not make trades using their platform. Deny them access to your account. Do not believe any of their brokers ever. Put in enough money to make a withdrawal for the full amount (they only do withdrawals above 250). Find other, better investment options.
  • dannyboydannyboy Posts: 6
    If they are in Israel (Tel Aviv) it's a very dangerous place, we can make their birthday with the russian mafia for Daniel Buckley, Peter Thompson and all the gang. I am serious, make a clean up. Loose money but for something.
  • oskaroskar Posts: 1
    BigOption scam broker be warned
    I have been conned Big Time by BigOption. I opened an account through a broker with £30000 (yes £30000) which was supposed to be invested in long term retirement fund. Without any written agreement for the account and the account not verified the broker traded on sixty-second trades and binary options. She took bonuses to the tune of €83000 none of this with my permission. She failed to answer my calls. The compliance department blocked the account only when the broker S.L. had left about €1285.25 in my account. She had been allowed to trade for nearly 3 months when the account was not verified without my agreement.
    I had no support from their support department. The support department said she had the authority even thought there was no written agreement to that effect.
    I had a previous account which the broker had authority but she even ignored the instructions of trading using only 7.5% maximum of my account balance.
    She convinced me to open a second account solely as a corporate retirement but she had no agreement to trade or any agreement to take bonuses.

    I did not give her details of the account she gave me the account. The support department said she had every right to trade even though the account had not been verified.

    I thought they were regulated; obviously I did not do my homework. Please WARN other vulnerable people about this trader as I have lost most of my pension.
  • BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
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    You know im sorry you lost your money, but WTF were you thinking you lost your pension, are you in the US? If not ill be quiet cause i have no clue what to say, but if you are jesus fing christ so many red flags, and im guessing even in Uk same red flags. I wont be a dick let me ask you what was the reason you dumped 30,000 k into a unknown ?? Be honest ill do a vid and share more and more often im seeing people dump huge amounts of money into scams, I would love to know how they talked you into it, and what made you think it was legit. PM me if you dont want to post here, I would like to know to help others, and how they reeled you in.
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
  • dannyboydannyboy Posts: 6

    I have always received calls from the UK (066) today I have received call from USA (State New York) the phone number is (917) 775-0325 I am from Canada and I have talk them, they stolen me more than 30 000$ US, what you suggest me: FBI, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).


    BigOption is not in UK or in Israel and we must to stop them. Maybe we can do a class action to bring down BigOption
  • DebsyDebsy Posts: 2
    I have been SCAMMED by BIG Option since my account was opened late Nov 15. PLEASE PLEASE any new potential investors do not join this fraudulent company.

    I initially opened the account with £1000 and the account manager made a claim that the binary options day trading would result to around £30 per day increases on the account. BIG LIE. Well it was true for a week ( i then reaslied thats what they do- try and make your account look like huge gains and ask for more money) and then I got a call from a Daniel "somebody" who made this big claim that there was going to be a huge trade happening on the Friday due to the US announcement about employment rates. Everyone was going to make huge gains for the following Monday..Stupidly I gave them another £750. I noticed on the Friday no trade had been made. Monday came- no follow up call to tell me how much wonderful money I had made:).

    Basically they took the money and maybe they did trade with it- but it wasn't given to me!! When I complained to my Broker he said to me "what are you complaining about- we are going to make lots of money every month" and placed the £750 on a long term trade for exit on 30/12/15 which made a loss. Another long term trade ( which by the way was not explained to me that that is something that would happen on the account) of £450 was opened for the same date ( 30/12/15), which according to them was also a loss.

    Also, in general so many "losses" - sometimes 5 losses to 1 win. When I made a complaint to the account manager in the new year he ignored me, (of course). I made the bold move to try and make a withdrawal of £1000 back onto my card. First thing the next morning the withdrawal was rejected (surprise, surprise(!) was sent an email) and there were two trades made all of a sudden that morning £500 each at a loss!! All the emails came together to tell me all of this by the way- so sly.

    I question whether they are making losses when they say they are and actually making money on the account and keeping for themselves. And this was really strange -when the account was opened I got sent sent two different account numbers via email at the same time. Only the one i eventually used worked. Just wonder if they gave me the "pretend" account and they were working from the other.

    I have contacted my credit card company to see if I can raise a dispute and get my money back- but these things can be difficult.

    I would be very interested if any of you guys want to form a group to see what we can do about getting them closed down? Strengths in numbers as they say:)

    Thanks for reading
  • BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    Did you open a complaint with Forex Peace Army?
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Do a chargeback they are a complete SCAM they just took your money plain and simple no two ways about it. Go to and see all the complaints filed on them. Also file a case there like Bryan stated to help keep people from making the same mistake you did.
  • DebsyDebsy Posts: 2
    Thanks for your feedback BryanMac and Lotzofbotz. I will have a look at the link and file a case. Will keep you posted
  • Mylan1SanMylan1San Posts: 1
    My story with BigOption differs from all those I've read so far. I decided to open an account with this brokerage firm in 2013 and it was only 2 years after this platform launched. At first I was skeptical not due to the broker but due to this whole industry. As I am an adventurous person by nature I was willing to try. I started at the minimum level, of course I am adventurous not stupid. I invested only $250 in order to try the platform and to see how it works. After exactly 6 months as long as I can recall my $250 grew to $1000. It's not much I know, but it was all part of my experiment. At this time, I was not interested in trading large amount of money. I was just looking for some skills and experience.

    In 2014, the platform was awarded the reward of the most reliable broker of the year. I was still not convinced of their reliability even if the award was given to them by FX Empire. However, I wanted to level up my game. I decided to inject an additional amount of $1000 to my account to benefit from a higher bonus and all the fringe benefits that were associated to the new account I possess. Again, I adopted the same strategy, the maximum investment I allowed myself for each trade were of $150. I did not go beyond this amount because I did not want to loose all my capital in only a few trades. I was also allocated an account manager who was very prepossessing so I did not have any problems at this level.

    Nowadays, I come across many bigoption bad reviews and bigoption complaints and I do not understand. I trade with this platform since 2013 and I did not pretend that I've never lost a trade. But I never encountered such problems as you guys are describing, sometimes I even wonder if we are talking of the same broker. Anyway I hope that you will all find a way to solve your issues. For my part I am still a trader there and I have no intention to switch soon.
  • dear123dear123 Posts: 83
    I would never let anyone trade on my behalf, sadly there are so many scam brokers and their complaints these days and I thanks God that I am safe with OptionTrade. I guess they are doing good.
  • Oliver_BOliver_B Posts: 2
    Are you sure that big option scam is legit? I have my money invested on this platform. To be honest I nerver had any problems with my account manager. I think that all your experience are the same, I mean you have all decided to invest more in order to earn more money. Let me tell you what I learned from binary options trading. The biggest enemy of a trader is his greed and I see that its the common factor of all your troubles. I advise you guys to search for some big option broker review to seize all the opportunities that this platform offers and also stop spending so much money.
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    Big Option Interactive Option and many other white label spot option brands are "MICKEY MOUSE" they don't have the money to pay out larger traders and have too many complaints against them. I don't trust anybody who would recommend them but lets say you are doing well with them. The payouts suck and none of these low capitalized bucket shops have nothing more to offer the average binary options trader but HEADACHES and added risk to any money they would be dumb enough to dare put into an account there.
  • Oliver_BOliver_B Posts: 2
    I understand that you may not trust me as I was in the same situation a while ago. Besides, at first, I also thought that big option scam was true due to many comments that I read on Forums and reviews sites that made me think so. However, my friend started to trade with this broker and kind of convinced me to join in. Hopefully, as I said in my previous post, I am really having a nice experience with them. I would like to add that binary options trading do bring headaches as it is a volatile sector where sometimes you inevitably lose money. But at the end of the day, the question traders have to ask is, whether the loss is worth the gain? I will not lie, for me it is and I sincerely think that this type of trading is great once you find a reliable broker. I think that you should not put all the brokers in the same basket as up till now my payouts are okay.
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    Well you know my opinion on BIG SCAM OPTIONS ---> 凸(⊙▂⊙)凸
  • SidleyAustinSidleyAustin Posts: 1
    I had a pretty good experience trading with Interactive Option. True, the withdrawals aren't always on time and yes, the salespeople are pushy, but their financial advisers helped me place some really profitable trades and the pay-outs come eventually.
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    Considering this is your email address "[email protected]" I am very sure you have had a great experience with interactive option. Anybody who has not might wish to email him with your experience/complaints.. Thanks have a nice day!
  • ThomastephensThomastephens Posts: 1
    edited January 2016

    Let's cut the chase and spit the truth about this binary options broker. Just like most of the complainants here I was once in a situation with BigOption that wasn't pleasant at all. The lack of support led me to lost around £4,500 of my hard earn money. I couldn't bear the fact to lose so much money with an online money making platform. Therefore, I conducted my own research and gather a few user reviews & user complaints regarding this broker. Although there were many reviews and complaints, I could not tell the reliability and the legitimacy of it all. I even spoke to a few other broker and did some comparisons. In vain, I decided to contact BigOption one last time to see if they will help me recover the money lost.

    Is BigOption a Scam?Yes they are but I decided to try to BS this forum with spam and was caught and will be banned. Anybody that says lets cut to the chase sounds like a douchebag FYI... Forgive me for wasting your time here is a good resource for you...
  • OjayOjay Posts: 1
    I originally signed up with "Goldigger" a company offering a "automated software application" capable of scanning the gold market for the best option opportunities and boasting to have a >90% success rate. This offering required the decision to go with BigOption or another Broker. Unfortunately (and without doing any research) I decided to go with BigOption. I transferred the minimum $250.00 to get started. Shortly thereafter, a number of (binary option) Brokers bombarded me with calls and sales pitches and telling me e.g. that BigOption is notoriously known as a unreliable company and that I should'nt be working with them etc. At that time I realized that this "System" was geared towards "binary options" - a concept which imo is far from being successful as claimed by "Golddigger".
    Once I realized what I got into I immediately requested BigOption to refund the $250.00 I transferred. At first I was prompted to talk to my account manager in order to sort things out (i.e. to talk me into continuing with this option stuff!). My response was: Please respect my decision not to engage in respective trading and to refund the $250.00 I deposited.

    "Viktor Bogrov, the "Senior Account Manager" answered: "If you would answer and act like a grown up man and not like a kid you would have your money back few days ago".

    I ultimately got a $190.00 refund. I have no idea why this costed me $60.00.

    My recommendation: Goes without saying!

    Oliver J. Peter
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    Don't accept it do a full CHARGEBACK with your credit card... Tell your bank you were scammed... No legitimate company is going to charge you $60 for the privilege to know them.
  • benitoo789benitoo789 Posts: 2
    Big option are con merchants. I deposited the £250 and an account manager rang me up the next day and was trying to get me to deposit £10000 even though I'd specified I was a beginner. When I said I wasn't comfortable and didn't want to do this anymore. He (Frank Melvin) who spoke broken English and kept referring to me as "Williams" (my surname) said he would recommend some trades with the £250 and we would make a small profit before withdrawing the funds. Predictably, it is 3 days later now and the £250 is now worth less than £100, so I suspect he has just recommend funds that would just drain my account. Avoid at all costs unless you like being a mug and taken for a ride like I was!!
  • benitoo789benitoo789 Posts: 2
    Stay away from bigoption. Conmen. They said the minimum deposit was £250 so I reluctantly did this amount.. Then an account manager who spoke broken English and went by the name Frank Melvin and also referred to me by my surname (Williams) throughout the conversation tried to get me to invest £10000 even though I had already expressed that I was a beginner. When I confirmed that I didn't feel comfortable waging that much and said I wished to withdraw the £250.. He said he would direct me to 3 trades and then I could withdraw the funds... This was 3 days ago and there is now less than £50 in the account. I'm guessing he has just put them in losing shares to gobble up my money.. Don't believe what they say to you.. They are a scam!! Avoid.
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