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15 minutes strategy.

I stumbled upon a blogger who shared a strategy that can be used either with MT4 charts or with web based...netdania, freestockcharts or any other chart out there what lets you set indicators.

She uses 5 min timeframe, and adds indicators (Bollinger Bands, RSI (70; 30), Stochastic Oscillator (80;20) and (CCI) Commodity Channel Index)

So for 15 min exp. time PUT trade, the candlesticks have to cross BB upper border, RSI has to be 70 or higher (or very close to 70), the Stochastic should be over 80 and crossed to the right side or crossing and the very important indicator CCI should be above 150. The CCI is supposed to show extreme conditions and the blogger said that she never takes a trade if the CCI is lower than 150.

For the CALL trade, it's all opposite, candlestick has to cross the Bollinger bottom border, RSI has to be 30 or lower, CCI has to be at least -150 or lower and stochastic has to be below 20 and crossed to the right or crossing.

The trade should be taken at the beginning of next candlestick that meets the strategy signals (check the picture).

It's also important to check the economical news, so do not trade close to the news affecting any of the currency from the pair.

If anybody has an interest and my explanation wasn't clear enough, send me a PM and I can share the youtube video link.


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    HarroHarro Posts: 21

    Also took manual trades with the strategy 25th and on 26th of dec.

    Lost the 25th Dec 2 trades because I wasn't patient enough and the trade didn't met the strategy requirements, forgot to check the RSI and CCI to be at required lvl. Was just following Bollinger and Stochastic.

    26th of Dec.
    EUR/USD 11:45 (GMT time) and exp 12:00, tested the trade at 4 brokers, TopOptions, BeeOptions, MarketWorlds and InteractiveOptions. All ended in the money.
    AUD/USD 12:19 (GMT time) and exp 12:30, ended ITM at all 4 brokers.

    I also have experienced that this kind of strategy, especially with EUR/USD and USD/CHF etc. starts working when the London market opens and the trading should be stopped 1 hour before the New York market opens. After that, there isn't so stable results. The blogger promised 71-78% ITM, I am not so convinced atm but it seems to earn profit.
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    What's not so good is if you choose to take the trades against the direction of the trend. In the pictures (back testing) it looks good,
    I know. But in reality taking trades against the trend just because RSI and OSC are overbought will give you plenty of fake signals.
    I had a similar strategy when I was a beginner, even shared it here on but advised against taking the trades against the trend.

    Also, way too many indicators in this strategy, it'll overwhelm you, just like you said yourself: your were only checking two indicators and forgot the others...
    How well it works for the blogger doesn't say much about how well it'll work for you. Every trader has his/her own skills
    so you shouldn't view the win rate as something static and mechanical.

    If you want my advice, spend time on drawing support/resistance lines, focus on one asset and don't use more than 2 indicators.
    It'll take a while, months or more depending on how much time you spend per day but once you get the hang of it you will have your own
    working strategy. Support and resistance is always good, works with any strategy.

    Btw why are you placing the same trade on 4 brokers? It shouldn't matter really...
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    HarroHarro Posts: 21
    Actually it seems to matter. I have had trades with same start time and same exp. Time, yet the prices are different. Take the Beeoptions and Topoptions for comparisson. Also some brokers offer shorter trade durations like Interactive option or marketsworld compared to topoption so taking 10 minute trade or 15 might not be possible.

    I agree with the risk of taking trades against the trend, but afterall at binaryoptions there is always a risk. Most definitely this strategy is not some holy grail but it is one I found to be simple eniugh and sounds workable. Just sharing it so people can try it out and test or build their own based on this one.
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Well, that's true about everything, risks are everywhere, life is a risk.
    I didn't say not trading against the trend is risk free. But in order to
    stay above breakeven you must be way above 54%, hence you have to
    eliminate as many risk factors as possible. Your goal is to get more wins and
    avoid as many fake signals as possible.

    You are right that expiry times are different among the brokers.
    Price however has not been an issue for me personally because my analysis
    are based on MetaTrader so it doesn't matter what the brokers chart says.
    For example: I take a call trade at 1.23000 but the broker gives me 1.23005 entry, a 5 pipette "spread".
    If price on MT4 then goes up to 1.23020 (2 pips) then that means the brokers price would be 1.23025.
    That's at least what happens to me often but as you can see it doesn't matter to the outcome. Unless the broker is really messing with you
    and changes your prices as they like, in that case go with another broker.

    Of course, sharing is great. I am just adding some info here so people will have a better chance of success.
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    HarroHarro Posts: 21
    Ok I personally changed the strategy, instead of 5 min chart, I use 15 min and the expire time is 15 - 45mins. It's not the most solid strategy but I have tested it from 02.02.2015 and so far I have done 177 trades with 109 of them ITM, so it makes ITM 62%. My personbal opinion is that it's possible to use it more effecively but I am still not distsiplined enough and jump into trades when I should actually wait. I also added an value chart indicator so it's rather possible for price to change when the value chart is either over 1,5 or below -1,5. If it's smaller, don't take the trade, the best would be to wait untill it's over 1,75 or so. If you follow the value chart, then you should take shorter trades (15 min), if the strategy in general (the Stochastic, CCI, BB etc.) then longer trades.

    I just hope that one day when I switch to live, it will work for me the same as it's working on demo.
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