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What's Going On Here?

mrsbearmrsbear Posts: 43
The names of the best binary options brokers advertised on the front page keeps changing on a daily basis (other than Marketsworld) and clicking on the review of today's "best brokers" (Safe24options and Binary International) the reviewer thinks they both may be scams. So why are they promoted on the front page with what I presume is an affiliate link. I thought this was one of the few trustworthy sites to visit.


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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    edited January 2015
    Your absolutely right mrsbear, these brokers are not recommended at all. In fact quite the opposite. This is a bug due to the implementation of the new website design. They should be off the front page now.
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    MaeOfHothMaeOfHoth Posts: 20
    Thought it was just me, yesterday I noted one of the trader on the top ten list and on the scam list... Hopefully that stays fixed.
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