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Does anyone use Signal Push here? What % ROI per month are you getting?



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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    I agree with Lotz on this from a very objective fair point of view. Stats for Signal Providers on martingale strategies are not shown accurately. I am only using primary school mathematics, and it seems for martingales, the performance is inflated by around a 3% point, which can make or break a profit. SignalPush should really address this calculation issue from a neutral standpoint.

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    ds.trading70ds.trading70 Posts: 59
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    Signal Push has a calculator and I don't know why they don't make it publicly available on their homepage for people to use?! The 2 files below will help you get individual calcs/projections based on the providers performance if you take the time to go over and input their individual numbers into them.

    Honestly I just count it off in my head as I can recognize patterns by looking at raw numbers, which if you trade long enough you will develop this muscle memory for stats naturally. Some people trade very often use all kinds of indicators/systems and remember absolutely nothing because they are looking at "FLUFF" which makes them dreamers/losers that go around chasing the market all day long like lost sheep waiting for a wolf to gobble them up as these knuckle draggers either don't/can't count. If you can't build this muscle memory then you are wasting your time really. Trading is about memory and logic using math as a discipline will allow you to be a winner. That does not mean you have to know all kinds of extremely complicated math levels as everything in our universe is simply 1 2 & 3... From there all other things are derived and I mean everything from the smallest particles to the largest known objects in our universe... I would even go beyond that into what you don't see dimensionally but then I would start to enjoy the math that you would really likely not and might even complain that I am hurting yer brain...


    lotz, mind if I ask if you would happen to have a more Advanced Excel calculator lying around that actually takes Martingale Trades into consideration?
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