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The Traits of a Quality Broker |

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imageThe Traits of a Quality Broker |

I am currently using Boss Capital (see Boss Capital Review). I’ll start by saying that no broker is perfect. Some provide fast withdrawals yet have trading platform issues, such as a distinct lag that often doesn’t get you into trades at the price you preferred. This, for example, explained my experience with Markets World.

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    elveselves Posts: 1
    I'm confused and I guess quite a few people are like me. I keep finding that we need to analyse the data. Most people recommend we use charting tools yet we always need a broker to make trades.

    Few of the brokers give you a choice over charting; most have web apps that combine the data feed with charts of their chosing.

    Some of the traders do provide tools like MT4 or MT5. However if what you really want to do is investigate the market and try out different signal providers and strategies you really want to get the three parts of the system; data feed, analysis and execution in different places.

    I still haven't found a way to get a raw data feed - the article on charts here on this site still describes charting in terms of data being supplied.

    Any help? I'd write an article myself but I'm a techie. Better I collaborate.
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    That is the binary options market and its better they are separate from each other. Why because it is far more easy to see manipulation that way as prices being off like reports of SPOTOPTION screwing with expiry times allows you to see what companies are fudging the numbers and kick them to the curb. So separate moving parts = greater transparency in my opinion... For example I do not recommend to anybody using SPOTOPTION based brokers as they seem to be the majority of SCAMS along with price manipulation of data/feeds.
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    TripackTripack Posts: 28
    Can't agree more here, spotoption is the most popular platform for brokers for a reason, think about it. Probably the leader on the market. Switch sides for a moment and think how you, as a broker, would better make money... Not by providing the ultimate fairness, and guess who are spotoption's customer's ? Maybe you think you are as end customer but you are not, you don't pay them, you pay the broker who pays them.
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