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Hi I am new here

Hi Guys and Gals,

I am new here but some of you might know me because I see some familiar faces on this forum like lotzofBotz and BryanMac and others. I am a long time Binary options trader. I started out on Xodds now called BOM back in the day. I left the scene after what were then called digital options were outlawed in my country and came back the later part of last year. Now we trade again and run a website devoted to Bins and trading in general. While we do offer a signal service on the site but there is a lot of useful free content & tools there as well IMO. I have really come to like reading over on this site now as it is updated regularly and I like hearing about 60 second trades although I dont trade them it is fascinating to check some of the materials here out. Looking forward to participating in the discussions here.



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